Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It is difficult to sleep in the hospital. Sure, there have been nights where I've been so tired that I could have fallen asleep propped up next to a saguaro cactus, and on those nights, it was very easy to sleep in the hospital--but I'm saying generally, if one had a choice between sleeping in the hospital for a week or sleeping for at home for a week, you would choose to sleep at home. I know, lucky me, that I get to sleep on night float at all. Forget that I said anything. Anyway, I'm sure that the sound of the bathroom door slamming and the beeping at the nurses station would have drowned out anything additional I had to say anyway.

Now I'm going to have that Cranberries song stuck in my head all day. "Zo-om-bay, zo-om-bay, zo-om-BAY, BAY-AH, BAY-AH, BAY-AH, OH!" Oh, you little Irish ragamuffins.