Saturday, July 14, 2007

like a sieve

Perhaps as compensation for being put on call every single day of my LIFE since this roatation has started, I was granted a "library day" yesterday, meaning that after morning lecture, I was free to go study for the boards without any further clinical responsibility. While one library day probably does not make up for 364 non-library days, I was still grateful to have the time. Cramming is like a crash diet. It works, but only for the short term. For the long term, you just gain the weight back, or (as the case may be in cramming), the stupidity. But oh, for those few hours, you know many things! Temporarily! Quick, ask me what the blood volume of a premature neonate is in mL per kg! I will only remember for a few more hours!

After the exam, I went back to labor and delivery, because of course I'm on call again tonight.