Monday, August 27, 2007

yesterday vs. today



I dunno, maybe its all the bus exhaust that I've been huffing, but I think they're both pretty.

* * *

I just finished my cadiac rotation having met all the goals that I had set for myself at the start of the month. One, I made my numbers, which is to say that I fulfilled the number of open chest cases needed for graduation. Two, I finally did anesthesia for a lung transplant on the last day of the rotation, which I hadn't gotten a chance to do before. That was fun. And three, I got to meet one of the original flavor engineers of Kool Aid. True, I didn't know that third one was a goal until it actually happened, but afterward, I knew that I could die in peace. Possibly by running headlong through a fence and proclaiming, "Oh YEAH."

Public service announcement:
I know you guys like these shirts too, so I just wanted to pass along the info that Threadless is having its $10 Back To School Sale through September 3rd. Their full-price t-shirts run $17, which is a little steep, so I usually lay in wait until they have their big sales, at which point I pounce. If you've been waiting too, now's the time. (I think they usually have another sale closer to Christmas too, if you're one of those delayed gratification types.)