Sunday, September 16, 2007

the full monty

So here is the full comic. As always, click for bigness. Thanks to your eagle eyes, I have corrected the typo in the dermatology panel, and I have also changed the neurologist's neckwear from a necktie to a bowtie, which was basically the equivalent of a typo. Thanks for reading, this little exercise has certainly revitalized the "Scutmonkey" series, as well as my interest in it. I will try to introduce a couple of small new comics in the future, possibly more often if you don't mind them being a little more casual, just sketched out and scanned, no frames and penciling and inking and erasing. I mean, if I can stand it looking all sloppy like that. Otherwise I'll just have to buy some time somehow to do it up right.


  1. i love this. this is great! i am a first year wanderer lost in the sea of med school.

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    this was amusing

  3. My Radiation Oncology experience was as follows: About all they did was feed patients Immodium, and the moment anything actually went wrong (like a patient with a glucose of 300) they would freak out send them away to the med onc (who who actually still practiced medicine and had admitting privileges).

    Cushy field, but MAN so not my thing.