Monday, October 22, 2007

fitzgerald & fitzgerald

One of the more glossy of a ubiquitous breed of subway ads that ask the average commuter, "HAVE YOU OR ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY EVER BEEN SICK, FOR ANY REASON, EVER? BECAUSE YOU COULD SUE SOMEONE!" There's a new one out there that asks, "Have you suffered from kidney failure or a stroke after cardiac surgery? Call us at 1-800-LAWYERS for 50% more suing!" Yes, people who require heart surgery certainly are a low-risk population for renal failure and stroke, it must take a total asshole bonehead of a doctor to not be able to reverse years of chronic disease!

But my point is not about the crazy litigious culture of American medicine, or how it unfortunately impacts our approach as practitioners (covering your ass becoming as important as actual patient care), but rather about the unfortunate poster boy for Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald. (Please note, also, that their logo in the lower left corner appears to be a pugnacious leprechaun wearing boxing gloves.) I can think of a number of ways to appear in your own ad that could actually make people want to solicit your services. Standing in front of a bookcase of law journals. Looking meltingly sympathetic. Holding a basket of puppies. Or better yet, a basket of money. But instead, Counselor Fitzgerald has appeared on his own billboard looking like the most he's going to do is wave his cane at those damn meddling doctors and threaten them with a hose if they don't get off his lawn.