Wednesday, October 24, 2007

things that i am thinking about right now

  • Do people who are assholes know that they're assholes? I mean, maybe some of them do, but a lot of them seem clueless as to their brazen assholishness, which, while astounding, is probably more palatable than believing that people are actually deliberately assy.

  • You know what's good? Grey's Papaya hot dogs. You would think that describing a hot dog as "crunchy" would probably not be a good selling point, but they are kind of crunchy, the same way that Krispy Kreme donuts are kind of krispy.

  • I know I'm, like eight years behind on this, but "The West Wing" is a really good show. They talk really fast in that "Gilmore Girls" kind of way, but not so much with the girly. And I can pretend like it's educational, like Social Studies class.

  • Monday night I came home late because I was on short call and I had to see three inpatient preops before leaving the hospital. When I got home, Cal insisted that I give him his bath instead of Joe, because apparently NO ONE can fill the bathtub like I can. It's a gift. I could not say no, even though Joe offered to take bath duty, because I already have The Guilt (see above, working late, etcetera). Which is how I ended up sitting on a stool next to the bathtub, alternately washing Cal with a rag on a stick and eating dinner off the lid of the toilet.

  • I think posts that are all bullet points are a cop-out too.