Thursday, November 01, 2007

halloween 2007

Our one requirement for Cal's costume this year was that it be comfortable and not too hot, lest we replay The Great Monkey Debacle of 2006. So guess what his costume was?

Yes, Cal dressed up as a resident for Halloween. Depending on your point of view, this costume is either hilariously inside-joke-ish (detail: vertically folded piece of copier paper tucked into back pocket, covered with check boxes and scribbled numbers) or unspeakably lame. Opinions are mixed even within the household. I was cracking up just looking at Cal in costume, Joe thought the premise was a little dorky (I also think he was afraid that we would come off like pushy "my son the doctor" parents) but ultimately was glad that Cal was comfortable and not sweating his head off. Another plus was that this was also an incredibly easy costume to pull off--we had to order the kid's size scrubs, of course, but everything else (pager, stethescope, scrub cap) we obviously had. Cal even already has his own pair of Crocs. Easy.

Unfortunately, aside from the scrubs and shoes, Cal did not seem to want to keep on any of his accoutrement, so we were only able to maintain the scrub cap, pager etcetera long enough to snap a few pictures before they were cast aside. Pity.

(Full Halloween picture set here.)