Friday, November 23, 2007

inferiority complex

My question about college sweatshirts is: why are the arm holes so big? This is a size small, by the way. You probably can't quite appreciate the scope of it, but the armhole goes about halfway down the side of the shirt to the waist. I don't know if they're just designed for burly people or for comfort or what, but the arm holes are so wide that I can't cram all the fabric into my winter coat sleeves. Never once in my life, until I got this sweatshirt, did I ever think to myself, "you know, I don't think my armpits are big enough to fill out this outfit." Maybe I should go to the gym.


  1. That's really because they assume everyone wearing one of their sweatshirts will be waving their arms around wildly , chearing on a sports team. Easier to get your arms above your head without pulling up your shirt.