Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas part deux

So. Joe's parents are coming into town today to spend the tail end of the holidays with us, and provide us with some babysitting tomorrow night so that Joe and I can finally go out for dinner to celebrate our respective good news (the book deal for me, the fellowship for Joe). Plus, Cal gets the benefit of having two people around who have an insatiable hunger for ALL CAL ALL THE TIME, including endless iterations of the I-push-the-trains-this-way-you-push-the-trains-that-way game. Lovely.

Public service message! So long as your kid is old enough and does not have a burning urge to know what marbles taste like, a cheapy plastic marble run will keep them entertained for hours. HOURS. I mean, I suppose you could get the nice fancy wood one if you're all sophistimacated, but I assure you that gravity works the same and you will be much less distraught if your dog chew it into mulch. (For example.)