Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the underwear drawer

It does not count as age-inappropriate browbeating if I tell you that we're trying to toilet-train Cal, does it? I figure it's either that, or I'll start getting notes from people cavilling, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR TWO AND A HALF YEAR-OLD ISN'T TOILET TRAINED YET, GOOD LORD WOMAN, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, MY TEN MONTH OLD HAS SUCH EXCEPTIONAL BLADDER CONTROL THAT HE CAN PEE IN A VERY SMALL SHOT GLASS FROM ACROSS THE ROOM! So anyway, between the two extremes, let's just call it even.

So yeah, we're trying to toilet train Cal.

So far, he has been pretty good about keeping himself dry for an hour or so in underwear before bathtime in the evening--the timing of such extended diaperless tightrope acts being timed to minimize the fallout from an errant urine stream or two. He can hold his pee for a while, and he can pee on the potty when the mood seizes him. But to say that he's anywhere close to being toilet trained is a vast overstatement at this point.

He does seem to like his new underwear, however.