Sunday, February 24, 2008

homeland security

We got back home around 1:30pm today, after a necessarily arduous check-in processes and steeplechase to the boarding gate; Atlanta has a mighty big airport. Our flight was on time, even landed ahead of schedule (unprecedented for LaGuardia), and as we descended, cruising over the low-slung bungalows in outer Queens and Long Island, we flew into view of the skyline of lower Manhattan, skyscrapers, steel and glass seeming to stretch for miles. And I thought what I think every single time we fly back into New York, with the sheer majesty and scale that never seem to disappoint: now THAT'S a city.

Photo credit: "New York, New York--Sky Over Manhattan" by Henri Silberman

I keep thinking of that line from "Manhattan", where Woody Allen talks about how he romanticizes the city beyond all reason. And that's fine. It's good to be romantic about some things.