Thursday, February 21, 2008

the one-two punch

Today was a big day--two interviews for Cal, one interview for me, at [Big Academic Hospital]. I think on all counts, things went well. In particular, the first school we visited with Cal today was--am I going to stir things up by saying this? I'm sure I will, because people always get crazy about this, because we're applying for a nursery school spot, and some people think that's nuts, but--it was amazing. That's all there is to say about this school. It was absolutely amazing. The facilities, the teachers, the kids, across the board, it was all beyond out expectations. In addition, of all the schools we applied to, it is the closest to where we will be living. I mean, even if this school was across town, I think we would seriously think about busing Cal to go there. The fact that the school will be a ten minute walk from our front door, even on three year-old legs--well, it's the best of both worlds. So anyway, we did what we needed to do, Cal went through his obligatory "screening" and didn't do anything antisocial, so all there is to do now is wait. We have our toes crossed. Acceptance letters for that school go out the first week of April. So here's hoping for a thick envelope.

I am done explaining or apologizing for this, by the way. I am not trying to teach my kid calculus or memorize the Encyclopedia Brittanica, I just want my kid to be happy and to be in a good environment where he will learn and grow in a supportive environment. The fact that there is an application process for these schools is outside of my control, but whether it requires applications or interviews or me eating 52 hot dogs in 12 minutes, we will jump through what hoops we need to to give us as many options as possible.

On my end, my interview this afternoon at [Big Academic Hospital] went, I think, pretty well. As with everyone I have met in Atlanta so far, all the faculty members I met were extremely warm and friendly, and the environment was very familiar to that of [University Hospital], which made me feel instantly comfortable. I could see myself there. It sounds bizarre to say that I am applying for a faculty position, just like it once felt bizarre to call myself "Dr. Au," but honestly--I could see myself joining the faculty there. I hope they feel the same about me, of course. So, one more interview down, one to go. We'll see. I seem to have run out of digits to cross, so you'll have to do that one for me.