Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wintry mix

"New York Snow" photo source

We are flying down to Atlanta on Saturday evening for our whirlwind weeklong marathon of house-hunting, job-interviewing, and school-investigating. True to form, Joe and I have constructed an elaborate spreadsheet of all our potential housing options, with separate columns for location, house attributes, and pros and cons mostly related to proximity to local parks, hospitals, and public transportation. Even though Atlanta's subway system (actually, not quite sure that it's a "sub" way, probably it's mostly above ground) is really pretty limited, and appears to only run in two ordinal directions at perpendicular orientations and therefore leaving giant swaths of the city completely unserviced, I still have this small hope that I will both live and work on the subway line and therefore not have to endure the grueling car commute of which so many Atlantans are fond of pointing out is among the worst in the country. It's so bad and mentioned so often it's almost like this perverse point of pride, kind of like New Yorkers bragging about living in a 400 square-foot flophouse with six roommates.

It won't be a relaxing week by any means, and we're programmed up the gills for all our waking hours, but overall, I'm pretty excited to see what Atlanta has to offer. Especially on a day like today, where I walked home through slushy intersections with gusts of some despicable stinging snow-ice hybrid blowing directly into my face, and thought that any place that hit a high temperature of 69 degrees today can't be all bad.