Sunday, March 02, 2008

high impact

My mom came by around lunch to watch Cal for a couple of hours while Joe and I went to Starbucks to try and get some work done. We were successful to a degree, but then we started getting really distracted because the guy who was sharing a table with us was typing on his laptop like a deranged person. When he sat down and opened up his laptop, I marveled to myself how worn down and shiny the keys on his keyboard were, but when he started working, I understood why. He was pounding on that thing. The table was literally vibrating. Now, to be fair, I know we don't really have any right to complain (unless you're working in your own personal cubicle in a library somewhere, you're going to be subjected to the work distractions of other people), but I couldn't imagine what he was typing that would take such force. I speculated it may have been some sort of manifesto. "First I'm going to kill you, and then I'll kill you," that kind of thing.

(Actually, I peeked at his computer as I was returning from the bathroom--turns out he was writing code. That explains why he was banging his return key every five seconds. Poor little return key.)

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