Sunday, April 27, 2008

rumpus room

Whenever I stumble home from work after being in the hospital on a weekend (this particular weekend I had the much dreaded 24 hour Saturday in-house call), I walk in the door to see our living room transformed as though by some toy chest detonation. Train sets, block towers, markers, puzzles, corpses of half-built Duplo structures strewn about. And while I'm certainly glad beyond all else that Cal and Joe had fun during my weekend at work, there's another part of me that walks in, sees the mess, and goes uuuuuunnnngh.

Though the memories rapidly fade, I still recall the era pre-child, when post-call days used to be a decadent orgy of naps, off-hour meals, and daytime television. And while I would not trade Cal and his messes for anything, there are moments where returning to the domestic fold after working all night feels less like rest and more like playing a double-header.