Tuesday, April 22, 2008

with love and squalor

We had someone from the moving company come over to do an in-house estimate of what it would cost to move all our stuff from here to Atlanta. Initially, we had been trying to get an estimate remotely, but halfway through listing our items, the guy stopped us and told us it would be easier just to send someone over to make an assessment, because we had too much stuff to reliably guesstimate over the phone. It had never occurred to me that we were people with too much stuff, but I guess once you've been to med school (x2) and had a kid, just the number of boxes that you need just to contain your books and toys starts getting out of control.

I also never realized just how messy our house was until we had someone not related to us come over to look into all of our closets. I wanted to make some excuse, like that the reason I had clothes all over the floor was in anticipation of packing, but really, those clothes have been on the floor since way before we even found out about Atlanta. And the worst of it is that despite realizing this, motivation to straighten up has reached an all-time low. Why bother? It's all going into boxes anyway! Might as well just keep everything out for easy access, and to avail us of the opportunity to do quick assessments of what comes with us and what goes to the Salvation Army.

(Aside: I used to think it was called the "Starvation Army" when I was a kid. Which, you know, is not entirely unreasonable for a kid to think, except for the fact that so far as I know, you don't actually donate any food there.)

Seriously, if you know anything about how anal I am at work, you would be absolutely floored by the messiness of our actual home. But once we move, we will be neat, I promise! We will pick up our clothes and put away toys in the appropriate Ikea flunkerfloorgen containment systems and our closets will be organized and we will no longer have a dining room table that we use solely as a platform for things we are too lazy to put away! It will be awesome! Awesome, I say!



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