Monday, May 19, 2008

and who is this steve irwin everyone keeps talking about?

I was working with an attending today who is Australian, recently returned to New York from a two year stint back in Australia as a matter of fact, and who I know has three very young kids at home.  So of course when the chance arose, I asked him the most obvious question I could think of, one that I had in fact been mulling over since I realized we would be working together last Friday.

"So, you're from Australia, right?  Do your kids watch 'The Wiggles'?"

He smiled politely.  "Um, we don't, actually."  And then, he added this next sentence which just made my mind explode.  "Who are 'The Wiggles'?"

WHO ARE THE WIGGLES?  Is he serious?  Could there be another Australia that I'm not aware of, and could he be from this alternate Australia?  Doesn't everyone in Australia know "The Wiggles" personally, just like how everyone in California lives next door to a movie star?  TREAD LIGHTLY, FOR YOU TREAD ON MY DREAMS.