Saturday, July 12, 2008

because this is a food blog now

Inarguably, and despite the reputation that being a Spam eater is undoubtedly garnering, one of the things I worried most about in moving to Atlanta was the food. I like Southern home-cooking as much as the next person, and yes, I know that I should venture out to the Buford Highway or to Doraville (not confirmed, I'm just repeating what EVERYONE HAS BEEN TELLING ME) to find some good ethnic eats or marts,'s different, you know? In New York, it was so easy, there were so many restaurants so close to each other and all so very convenient to access at all hours. Now pickings are a little slimmer and farther between, though I'm sure they are out there. A good Chinese restaurant? A good Japanese restaurant? A good Korean joint? Still looking.

We did, however, find (of all things) a good Singapore-type restaurant just a few blocks away from us, and that was such a revelation that it made our whole evening. It is a trendy place, fusion of course, as many trendy Asian-eque restaurants are, and while I would prefer of course a tiny back-alley noodle shop with six tables and two old Japanese guys in the back, shrouded in steam, this is OK too. Cal enjoyed it so much he even decided to give it a go with the chopsticks. True, he used them on his pomme frites, but hey, he's kind of fusion too.