Saturday, July 05, 2008

crazy things in our new place that i've never had in any place i've lived before

(Note: Cannot take credit for any of this, the guy who actually owns the house, from whom we're renting, tricked out the house with all this stuff before he moved out.)

1.) A refrigerator that spits out ice for you! And you don't have to keep refilling the ice cube trays! Or yelling at a certain spouse because he chronically underfills them, and what's the point of a sliver-sized slab of ice, I ask you, WHAT? Also, spits out water! However, water is not New York water and therefore tastes funny.

2.) A washer and dryer in some back closet next to the kitchen. A WASHER AND DRYER IN OUR HOUSE. Joe came up to me and asked me if I had some quarters for the washing machine, and I actually hesitated for a good five seconds before finally settling on the decision that he was joking.

3.) A garbage disposal in the sink. What is this magic? You shove nasty foodstuffs down the sink, flip and switch, and whrrrrr, all the nasty foodstuffs goes away? Where does it go? I looked under the sink, presuming that it was dumping into another garbage can under there, but there was not. The food was just gone. I asked Joe where the garbage from the garbage disposal went, and he just shrugged and said he didn't know either. MAGIC.

4.) Ceiling fans. The South is lousy with ceiling fans. At first, I was skeptical, because I was like, WHAT IS THIS, THE CIVIL WAR? CRANK UP THE A/C! They do work pretty well, though, I have to say.