Sunday, August 03, 2008

into the wide blue yonder

I'm not sure what happened, but sometime between Monday and now, I got a lot less nervous about starting my new job. I attribute it to the visit I took up there this Thursday. Somehow actually walking around the ORs and talking to people made me realize that it's just another hospital, after all, and that I'll be one of many, many people working there. Just like always. So that made me feel better. Also what made me feel better: free corn Pops in the attending dining room. Now if only they had Apple Jacks, I would be nearly comatose with calm. When I was a third year med student, one of my attendings told me that on the first day of a new rotation, our main goal should be to find the bathroom. I think that is a fine and admirable goal.

Anyway, here we go. Have to pack my lunch for tomorrow and put it in my big orange L.L. Bean backpack. I find that showing up to work looking like a middle school student really inspires confidence, don't you?

(Don't worry, I don't have a safety pin strung with colored beads affixed to the zipper, nor my name inscribed in puffy paint on the straps. What am I, in sixth grade? I am AT LEAST in eighth.)