Monday, September 01, 2008

i still had to say it


How about them politics?

Anyway, good discussion with the last post. Every time I post about politics, I end up regretting it in some way (people tend to get very impassioned, which is good, but it's a short step from impassioned to vitriolic and, "Yo Momma so fat she got a bunch of little Mommas in orbit around her!") but I guess that's a better alternative than apathy, which we've also seen enough of these past eight years. So there you go.

After school on Thursday, Cal felt a little queasy, and ended up puking copiously all over his nanny after school, and then on me when I came home from work. (Down my shirt. Into my bra. If he wasn't my kid, I probably would have puked myself, because ugh.) I was unclear whether or not it was related to something he ate (some kid in his class had a birthday party in school that afternoon, apparently--though I didn't see any cake in the mix, who knows, that may have come up with the first round) or if it was an actual GI bug, but my threshold for keeping him home the following day was fairly low, mostly for concern of spreading around some sort of class-wide contagion. However, he was absolutely perky for the rest of the evening, and bounded out of bed on his own at 6:30am the following morning, demanding cereal and ready for school, so I chalked it up to a tainted grilled cheese sandwich and off he went.

This weekend, Joe is puking. Which illustrates the basic pattern of outbreak in this household: whatever Cal gets, Joe gets, and I almost always remain basically untouched. I blame (or credit) my many months in the Peds ER in days gone by, which has apparently endowed me with the immune system of a bison. You know, one of those bison that never gets sick. Not that I didn't pay the price at the time. My second year of Peds residency, I got pertussis, for god's sake.

Anyway, we're in week 21. There's lots of moving around down there, and I'm starting to be able to discern actual limb movements rather than the more mysterious bumps and burps from a month ago that were more like, "could be baby, could be gas." My anatomy scan is this Thursday, wherein many important parts of the anatomy will be delineated, and one less-important piece of anatomy, but the only one that anyone else seems to care about, will hopefully be visualized. As for preference, I honestly don't care (I know everyone says that, but really, I don't) but I am taking predictions.


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