Saturday, October 18, 2008

new toys

Cal is getting pretty good at riding his new bike. I can tell his confidence is growing because last week, he didn't want to ride on any kind of downhill slope because he felt nervous going too fast, and now he is racing down all the hills. I can't really run that fast anymore (really, I never could run that fast--I'm just using the pregnancy as an excuse), but honestly, I think that most people would have trouble keeping up with Cal on wheels now, unless they were riding alongside him on a bike themselves.

Also, the new camera came! It is rad. I still have to learn about the features, and I haven't really taken any pictures that amount to anything more interesting than stupid family snapshots so far, but I do like what I'm seeing with the D90 so far. New toys are fun.

(Here, Cal learns a vital lesson about riding your bike on grass as opposed to paved roads. Don't, because it is too hard.)

When we moved to Atlanta this summer and I was bemoaning the ridiculousness of the summer weather, everyone's response was that yes, summer sucks here, but the endless autumn season and mild winters makes the indignity of July and August well worth it. I don't know that anything is worth the kind of heat and humidity and GIANT FREAKING MOSQUITOES that defined our first few months here, but on a weekend like this, I'm inclined to let bygones be bygones.

(Full photoset from today here.)