Tuesday, December 09, 2008

benign neglect

Sometime last week our nanny asked me if it would be OK for her to keep an overnight bag at our house, in the event that the baby suddenly and precipitously decides to make an appearance and she needs to stay overnight with Cal while Joe and I were at the hospital. I told her that the overnight bag was a great idea, but it took me a full few days afterwards to realize that huh, with all this thinking ahead that other people are doing on my behalf, I should probably pack an overnight bag of my own at some point. Not really overly prepared for this baby, me.

I noticed while getting dressed for work this morning that Ling Ling's position seems to have dropped somewhat, which is good news for the old breathing (increasing FRC is one of my favorite things, how about you?) but which might explain why I had to go to the bathroom three times overnight. At 35 weeks, I'm sure (or at least I'm hoping) that this shift in position doesn't mean that anything is imminent, but certainly things are looking like they're moving in the right direction. That direction being down and out.

We did do some baby laundry this weekend (consisting mostly of Cal-era hand-me-downs--swaddling cloths and blankets and the like), unboxed some of the comically small newborn diapers that we finally got around to ordering, and setting up our upstairs-downstairs diaper changing stations. But we're probably still underprepared for the baby. This is largely my own fault. At this point, I'm just like, "What, the baby? What's the big deal? Babies are easy. I'll just stick him in a sling and carry on." Honestly, I'm more focused on how I'm going to juggle taking care of Cal with a baby strapped to my chest than I am about the baby himself. I may be practicing a little selective memory here, but compared to a three year-old (what with their talking and questions and desire to have you ooh and aah over the wonder of each bowel movement bearing a passing resemblance to some letter of the alphabet), aren't babies kind of...low maintenance? Portable? Essentially lumpish and inert? I'd better be right on this, or I'm screwed.