Thursday, December 25, 2008

holly jolly

Like Thanksgiving, I think this is the first Christmas that we haven't spent with family--most of our family, I think, is saving the plane fare for after Cal 2.0 emerges (and this may be wishful thinking, but it could be ANY DAY NOW, right?)--but I think we made an admirable go of it with just the three of us.

(That is to say: the four of us.)

I don't know who "MOW" is, but I hope he doesn't mind that I opened his present.

In a moment of weakness, and perhaps against my better judgement, I got Cal these "Yo Gabba Gabba" figurines. So now he will grow up to do drugs and join a violence gang.

The obligatory cookies, milk, and letter for Santa. Cal wants Santa to know: "DLDHDILLDLLHL."

Which apparently means, "I took the liberty of pre-sampling the Nilla for you, and don't worry, they're NOT POISONED. So enjoy!"

We had nothing else to do today (see above: no family in town) so we ended up going to the Georgia Aquarium, which was actually open early on Christmas Day. Those godless fish have no respect for the baby Jesus. We all had a good time, and Cal managed to hold out for almost two hours, which is pretty much the longest we've managed to stay at the aquarium before starting to get bored and cranky--probably due in no small part to his NEW CHRISTMAS CAMERA, which we got him (under advisement from another classmate's parents, who also recently had a new baby) as a bribe "gift" from his little brother. They have online shopping in the womb now, apparently. Also, maybe it will encourage him to keep his mitts off my camera, which is evidently not made of indestructible rubberized parts.

Hoping you had a happy holiday with people you love too. And also hoping that my next update will herald some sort of news of imminent new-baby-ness, at least, because I am getting pretty sick of this pregnancy thing. Come on out, Biggie Smalls, and join us out here, where things are merry and bright.

(Full Christmas photo set here.)