Monday, January 05, 2009

like some damn martyr or something

People keep walking in here all surprised that I'm just chilling here at 5cm without an epidural. Believe me, my pain threshold is not that high, it's just that I'm not that uncomfortable right now. And they keep asking me if I want my epidural now, for fear that I "won't be able to sit still" if I wait too long. Dude, I got wet tapped last time. I CAN AND WILL SIT STILL.

They just started the Pit, though, so I might be changing my tune soon.

(Is this weird that I'm blogging now? Maybe this is weird. But I have nothing left to do. I could watch CNN, but all they're showing is stuff about John Travolta's kid. I ordered some books from Amazon this weekend "for the hospital" but I guess I didn't order them early enough because they're not arriving until tomorrow.)


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