Thursday, January 22, 2009

time machine

Cal, July 2005:

Mack, January 2009:

Huh. I guess they are related.

In other news...

I think I'm getting a little more of a handle on my rewrites for the "Scutmonkey" manuscript. I admit that with all the stuff that was going on around here, I kind of stalled out there for a while. Anyway, the gist of the rewrites is that my editor requested that I try to include more personal stuff to balance out and bridge across the medical stories, and asked that, while she has never asked this from one of her authors before, I try to make my book more like my blog rather than less. Initially (meaning when I started to write this thing) didn't want to have so much overlap between what I've written online and what I'm writing for the book, but I do see her point--the blog stuff is much more personal, whereas the medical stories, while interesting, are a little more discontinuous and do keep things somewhat at a distance. So I've been sort of slogging through some of my old blog entries from training, I guess sort of reminding myself what it medical school and residency were really like, and trying to rework some key portions with that perspective in mind.

And having just freshly re-read some of those experiences, let me just say this: THANK GOD that phase of my medical training is over, because I could not do all that again.