Wednesday, February 11, 2009

blame daddy, because i just say "jeez"

Cal's Gold Star day went really well. He was super-excited to have me there (at one point he told me, "Thank you for coming to my school, because I miss you when you're at work," like STICK A KNIFE INTO MY HEART why don't you), and was so proud to show me where everything was, what he was doing, all that kind of thing.

Part of Gold Star Day is bringing something in for Show and Tell--really just an excuse to get kids used to the idea of speaking in front of people and to share something interesting from home. I knew if Cal brought in a toy or a book, he would run out of things to talk about fairly quickly ("This is my train..." followed by five minutes of mute nodding), so in the interest of prolonging the experience, I printed out a big picture of him and Mack to bring into the class, so he could talk about "his baby" and the various aspects of his new life as a big brother.

Cal uncharacteristically seemed to be enjoying the self-revelatory aspect of the activity, and decided to share this story, which I will transcribe as faithfully as I can.

"The baby can't use the potty. He pees in a diaper. And he poops in a diaper. And when we were going to the park and the baby was in the stroller, he pooped in his diaper. And then we changed the diaper but then he pooped in the diaper again. I mean, Jesus."