Thursday, February 05, 2009

the hot zone

I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but a one-month old with a cold is just the most pathetic thing. Mack's just so confused by the whole situation, spluttering and coughing and just generally being miserable. He gets more congested when he lies down, so I spent basically the entire night sitting up with him sleeping in my arms. We've used the bulb-sucky thing and saline drops (the one good thing about being married to an ophthalmologist--our access to free samples of saline drops is unparalleled) and today he's a lot better. But still, poor little guy.

Patient zero (that is to say: Cal) is doing fine, as usual. Even when he's sick, he doesn't really get sick, so he's just running around with a fine scrim of dried boogers around his nares, carrying on as usual. Joe has a cold too, but as is also usual, I am basically untouched. Who knew that those years of working in the Peds ER and being innoculted with every virus known to man would turn me into Bruce Willis from that M. Night Shamamamalalalan movie? UNBREAKABLE.