Sunday, February 22, 2009

picture show

You like pictures, right? Well good, because I got some for you.

First up, Mack's 6.5 week picture set.

No, I'm not going to take some big wad of pictures every single week for the rest of his life, but he's little now, so it's allowed. And...I know this is only par for the course, but people, I love this baby. Seriously, I LOVE HIM. Such a sweet little temperment and so snuggly and smell-goody, and he's getting so chubby now that it's hard not to keep comparing him to all manner of delicious foodstuffs. Have you noticed that, how people always talk about babies as though they are tasty desserts? Muffin and cupcake and honeypie and such? WE ARE ALL CANNIBALS.

On a related note, I have Twittered this before but when you name your kid Mack, you have to be comfortable with the fact that your kid is going to have a lot of nicknames. Even Cal has taken to calling his brother "Big Mack Attack." Some might think that having a kid who could easily (and quite logically, given his respectable baby size) be nicknamed "Mack Truck" a con, but actually we consider it something of a bonus.

Second up, we got Cal a kite recently, and today we took him to the park to try it out. He had fun and we got a couple of good runs out of it while the breeze cooperated. And while I still miss New York a lot--the food, the culture, the millions and millions of people and the energy of it all--on days like today, spending an afternoon in the park in the middle of February, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies and a big empty field with room to run, I kinda don't mind living in Atlanta.

(Full kite picture set here.)


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