Sunday, March 22, 2009

rite of spring

The summers in Atlanta will just about kill you, and the winters are nothing much special, but I have to say, the autumns and springs here can really knock your socks off.

It rained all last weekend, so to compensate we spent most of this weekend outdoors. Surprisingly, despite the fact that everything around us seems to be exploding with flowers, my seasonal allergies have not yet sprung into full effect, though this evening I just started to note the slight itchiness of the ears which usually is the first harbinger of DOOM. I have tried many an antihistamine in my day, but my problem is that nothing but that old war horse Benadryl even makes a dent in my symptoms, and that makes me so sleepy that I don't dare take it during the day when I have to work. I've been hearing good things about Zyrtec so I may investigate it, though I'm not sure what the breastfeeding profile is so it might not be an option this year anyway.

So we all got some fresh air, and everyone got a little sun, which, you know, is good for THE RICKETS. I tried to keep Mack out of the rays as much as possible (I'm not sure what the exact recommendations are, but I think he's a little young for sunscreen--I want to say that six months is the cutoff but I may well have just pulled that number out of the ether), hiding under trees or behind stroller covers or next to stone walls and such, but short of clothing him in an abaya, it was kind of hard to avoid entirely.

Full picture set here.


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