Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i already used up all the brainpower i might have otherwise used to think of a title for this post

I've decided that to study for my written anesthesia Boards (which I will be taking the first week of August) I will start reviewing 10 practice questions a day, every day, up until the week before the exam, at which point I might step up my game somewhat and start some sort of a cram-a-thon. Ten questions a day is certainly not too onerous, but the only time I have to do it is at home, after both kids are asleep and before I go to sleep, usually a window of about five minutes, seven if I decide to brush my teeth. And this amount of time does not exactly allow for careful review of the source material.

So I guess I have to start going to bed a little bit later. This should not be a big deal--after all, didn't I stay up late every night in college, back when I was a weenie little premed and could only dream of the glamourous life that I lead now? (See: today, I got a free bagel! With cream cheese! BEHOLD, THE POWER OF THE MEDICAL DEGREE.) But the thing is, I've started seeing sleep as sort of an investment for work. As in: if I don't get enough sleep, I cannot think quickly and perform my job well, and this is not good for my patients. And therefore, I have to be in bed by 9pm or else PEOPLE WILL DIE. I know this makes very little sense--I didn't get enough sleep as a resident and I was taking care of patients then--but somehow being the one who is ultimately responsible makes me take everything a little more seriously. And if treating what little is left of my brain to the minor pampering it requires to function well, then by all means, put me in bed before it's dark outside.

Anyway, I did my ten questions for the day. And now I updated my blog, albeit nonsensically. And now I'm going to bed.