Monday, January 18, 2010

how to annoy a resident, part 1



  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I know you must listen to your editor, but I love your Scutmonkey comics and think you should keep them in your new book. No other books have cool comics like these- it would be a perfect chapter introduction!

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Yay! the comments are back.

  4. Yeah I agree, this is your book - not the editor's. I think you should fight harder to keep your comics in the book.

    Haha by the way - *so* true!!

  5. outre5:11 PM

    You could publish Scutmonkey separately(easier said than done). I'd imagine the book is going to press soon and might be too late to add pages.

    Last time I had to deal with editors, they made my life infinitely joyful while writing a booklet on heparin induced thrombocytopenia. The multiple editors in legal, marketing and medical depts. each made their own revisions while never talking to one another.

    I'm not in clinical healthcare but I can relate to that feeling, ha. I still get mistaken as a student at the professional conferences, even though this year's will be my 8th one as a professional member.

  6. OMG you turned your comments back on!

  7. SO TRUE. See also: "Oh, medical students, so cute." Please also see "I demand an immediate meeting with Dr. X, the bigshot chief of Department Y, to discuss my care."

  8. sounds familiar...

  9. Anonymous8:04 PM

    "I don't want a NURSE to sew me up."
    "No worries, sir, I'm a doctor!" (flashes name badge that titles me Dr. A)
    "NO, I want a REAL doctor."
    "Ummm, let me get my attending."
    (pulls in 70 year-old attending who hasn't seen a patient on his own in 30 years)
    "Sir, I haven't sewn up a wound in 30 years, so I'm thrilled that you've asked me to hone my skills on you!"
    "Um, never mind, I'll take her."

  10. Wow, now I'll have two books to buy thanks to the blogosphere. The other one I'll be looking for is also by a lady practicing medicine, but if the blogs are any indication of content, the two will be completely different and equally interesting. I always did like the comics; even though I couldn't hack getting to med school I found them at times utterly hilarious.

  11. Ugh, this was me this morning on trauma pre-rounds!
    Me: "Sir, your wounds are healing, you can follow up with x, y and z doctors in 2 weeks, and keep your c collar on until then. We'll be discharging you to a SNF later today."
    Patient: "And why aren't I hearing all this from a doctor, may I ask?"
    I admitted this patient 5 days ago and have been rounding on him daily since that time.

  12. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I can't count the number of times I've been called a nursing student.

    Not that there is anything wrong with being a nursing student.

  13. Anonymous5:28 AM

    OMG. That's my life! - Aussiedoc

  14. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Haha, this literally happened to me last night! The comic just needs a clock on the wall showing 0400hrs, which is when my beeper made that hateful noise!

  15. Ah, but the glorious payback of getting mistaken for a nurse is that if a patient does not appear to be in trouble medically and "hey, nurse!"s me in my white coat from the hall, I just keep on walking.

    Of course, one time in residency they thought I was the cleaning lady.

  16. This always happens to me!

  17. Thank you michelle! The next time I hear..'Are you a vet-tech? Are you starting vet school? Are you pre-vet? (despite me saying I am a vet! I went to vet school although not in this country, yadda yadda)... I am going to remember I share this with my compatriots who study human medicine.....

  18. OMG, this is so true it hurts. Except... do you all get that, or just girls? Around here, it seems to be a gender thing, not age.