Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the life of an attending (as imagined by residents), part 3


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Haha. What about:

    - the emails. Always the emails. Often from finance with productivity hours printouts you do not want to see.
    - the phone calls. Always the phone calls. To the point where you brace yourself every time you check your messages.
    - the skeevy med students and residents who don't want to work.
    - the pervy med students and residents who want to watch you work
    - the nervy med students and residents who want to take your job?

  2. Is that the MRSA vector tie he's wearing?

  3. Hi Michelle. I've jsut stumbled across yr blog after googling 'scrubs hat pattern' (did you know you're number 2? of about 708,000? outSTANDing!) and I noticed your tweet about "Paging Mr Herman"... in another tab I was googling PeeWee's big adventure.

    Sppoky co-incidence or googlebot? Don't know, but Imma gonna start following yr blog.

    Cheers from Oz-straya