Friday, February 19, 2010

my feelings on the matter

If you like to watch a bunch of guys making funny faces while pretending to be glittery mummies, then by all means, watch men's figure skating in the Olympics.


  1. yes, i agree. however, i have to admit that i got sucked in and watched for a while yesterday. the glitter hypnotized me.

  2. Haha! Did you get these pictures from the interactive feature on today's NYT on the stats of doing the quad jumps?

  3. Yes! Was just going to link to that page of pics but then realized that not everyone has a NYT login.

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Thanks, I did and it was great! Fantastic artistry and athleticism!

  5. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Yet if you look at Johnny Weir's shot, there's nothing but confidence and calm shown. Love it!

  6. Anonymous5:57 PM

    That is HYSTERICAL!

    You say the funniest things. I know you're sick to death of editing your book, but I'll bet it's just fabulous. Goodness, if you're this funny on a blog, off the cuff...

    1. Anonymous7:53 PM

      It's not funny that caption is just like saying "Hey want to see some one making funny faces concentrating?" Don't think if you try and dis skating some one wont say something about it.

  7. I'd bet we'd all look weird at 300rpm. Imagine if you could see the skeleton racers faces behind those visors at 5Gs!

  8. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Mens figure skating peaked in 2002 unfortunately. miss Alexei Yagudin's talent and musicality:)