Sunday, March 21, 2010

person of the week

So Cal is this week's "Person of the Week." I keep calling it Gold Star Day but Cal reminds me that Gold Star Day is only for three year-olds, he's in Pre-K now and he's four-and-three-quarters years-old now Mom, jeez. Fair enough son, fair enough. Magical Sparkle Snowflake Day it is.

Part of being Person of the Week (file this under homework that is more for parents than it is for kids) is bringing in a poster about yourself. I'm not really sure what such a poster would entail, though I caught a glimpse of some hanging in the classroom, which were elaborate pictographs of family and vacations and various passions like Disney Princesses or pizza. So I hope that Cal's poster fits the bill. I think it turned out pretty OK, despite the fact that Cal wouldn't let me help him do this really cool offset letter effect in which I cut out the letters of his name in two colored cardstock and made it look like his name was popping out in 3D. You don't understand my vision, kid, just run along and let me do my poster...I mean, your peace.

(Anyway, click here for annotated notes of Cal's poster. This is now officially more information than you require, but humor me, grandparents are interested.)


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    THat is a cool poster! I hope it gets to come home so you can keep it. (Congrats to Cal, of course!)


  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Awww... that brings back So. Many. Memories!!

    When my now sixteen-year-old son was four, he was in a Montessori school that had the children bring posters like this in when it was their birthdays. I created something just like this -except with little birthday themed flourishes - and when it was all over I had spent SO MUCH TIME working on it, I went out and bought a cheapo plastic frame to put my creation in.

    We still have it, and it's one of my 16 yr old son's favorite things!

    So be sure you preserve that Momma work of art! And maybe you can print out the explanations and attach it to the back, for way later on when maybe someone needs the additional memory prompting! (I know it seems like that may never happen... but...)

    Great poster!

  3. My mom had the same 3D idea for my 3rd grade solar system project. I gave in to her demands. It was probably the coolest power board presentation ever.

  4. Nice job on the poster!

    Is it bad that one of the things about having children that I am NOT looking forward to is doing craft projects with/for them? Or baking.

    My poor future children will be the pariahs of their classes.

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Nice job -- but pace yourself: We've been doing Star of the week/MVP/All About Me posters every year from pre-school on through grade 4. It's a lot easier now, what with the ability to just print out pics, than it was in the past when we had to actually remove them from photo albums (or, more accurately, find the box that held the photos that were destined for albums whenever we'd get around to it ... still have those boxes somewhere).