Friday, April 23, 2010

new pen reviews!

OK, fuck the boards, let's talk about something really important now. Let's talk about pens.

I placed an order for some new pens a few weeks ago (and then tweeted abundantly about it). And now I will talk about it some more, because that horse isn't quite dead yet. Anyway, these are special pens! SPECIAL JAPANESE PENS! From the island of Japan! Where all cute things originate!

Let us begin. First let me describe my pen needs. Like any medical person, I use my pen a lot. Now that I'm not a Peds resident anymore, I don't have quite the need that I once did to have intricate pages of checklists and patient flow charts, nor did I need a pen that would enable me to write a full set of metabolic lab results in the 0.5 inch margin alongside a patient's progress note, but hey, I still have pen needs. Mostly I write consult notes, keep anesthesia records, and sign my name one million times a day. I do like a good fine-tipped pen for the anesthesia records--I don't know if you've ever seen one, but for those of us who don't have computerized records (I did in my residency, but at my current hospital we still do hand charting) we do have to cram in quite a bit if information in a very small amount of space.

Other concerns: I wanted a pen that would make my writing look neat--I find that the wider the point, the more sloppy my writing tends to become. I wanted a pen with a good ink supply that didn't smear. And I wanted to find a pen in a color that other people didn't have. The reason for this is not just because I GOTTA BE ME! but because sometimes if I'm reading over an anesthesia consult note that someone else has written, I like to go through it and circle the important things so that they jump out at me, or add little clarifying notes of my own. When my pen is a slightly different color, I can see my own additions better, and it reminds me to do stuff (or not to do stuff, as the case may be).

So with this in mind, I got three types of pens. First was the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen with the 0.4 mm tip. The reason I got this pen, even though I've never seen it before or tried it in person, is that the pen enthusiasts of the world (and once you start to dig into this, you will find them all over the internet) swear that this is the world's greatest pen. I got a few in the blue-black color, because everyone else at work already has either a plain black or a plain blue pen, and if I got any of these other colors, people might start worrying that I was going to start signing my notes Mrs. Justin Beiber, MD. I don't think a pink pen flies in the hospital.

Up until now I've been a big fan of the Pilot Precise V5 RT, which is an excellent pen except that sometimes the ink is a little heavy so it can bleed and smear a little, and that occasionally after you drop it, it'll just be real scratchy and skippy for the rest of its natural life, even if it still does have a full ink barrel. So I knew I liked the feel of a needle tip pen. So tiny! So precise! And indeed, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C was all of these things.

Two issues I had with this pen. First of all was that, after using it for a full day at work, I began to realize why I had been using retractible pens all along. Because dealing with a pen cap is a pain in my ass. I know they have a retractible version of the Hi-Tec-C, but from all my research (and yes, there was research involved) it looks like the pen barrel was much thinner in the retractible version, thus making it hard to hold, and the ink supply was smaller. As it was, my other beef with the Hi-Tec-C is that it wasn't very comfortable to write with. I hold my pen weird (it's certainly not a ladylike grip, more of a ham-fisted grip that my dad was on my case endlessly about until he finally gave up) and if my pen barrels are too thin, I get hand cramps. Also the Hi-Tec-C did not have a padded grip, which I didn't like. It had these hard plastic ridges where you held the pen, which I guess is good for traction or whatever, but in terms of comfort, not my cup of tea. (I am also aware that they have the Hi-Tec-C with the rubber grip, but they only make those in black, blue and red.) I tried to put on my own rubber grip--you know, those ones that they sell at Staples for kids to put on their pencils--but then I ran into the problem of the damn pen cap again, in that it wouldn't fit on with the rubber grip in place. So the Pilot Hi-Tec-C is a good pen, lays down a great line, and the blue-black ink is a classy joint. However, maybe better for home than for work, unless you have a desk job and don't mind dealing with a pen cap from time to time.

Second pen was this: the Uni-ball Signo RT UM-138 Gel Pen with a 0.38 mm tip. I got this in blue-black and lavendar black.

Now I know that you're going to see that purple pen and say WHAT THE HELL, WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT STUFF THAT YOU WERE SAYING ABOUT MRS. JUSTIN BEIBER, YOU GOT A PURPLE PEN FOR WORK? Hold on there, pen friends. It's not purple. It's lavender-black. The difference, which, I hope to illustrate here:

So there. The purple is even less obvious if you don't have the actual purple pen barrel next to it--I think the external cue makes the ink look more purply than it really is. I actually polled about five nurses, showing them an anesthesia record and a few notes that I wrote without showing them the pen, asking them what color they thought the ink was. Every one of them said either "black" or "dark blue." So it really doesn't look that purple, and it really is a nice pen. Fine point, smooth writing, beautiful lush line, not blobby, not bleedy, and above all, retractible.

Plus, it's not really that expensive, running you $1.50 per pen. I mean, yes, it's more expensive than a giant box of Bic ballpoints, but this is not your general distribution pen, this is your pen, the one you label with your name, the one you keep in your breast pocket and make sure no one steals. Both the blue-black and the lavender-black are fantastic colors, and after I let Joe try one, he insisted that I order him a box of his own, so see, just as much of a hit with the fellas as with the ladies.

(All photos and pens courtesy of Jet Pens, which is probably a really dangerous site if you have an Asian office supply fetish and have some time to waste.)


  1. I have been using the Uni-ball Signos for years; they are my favorite pens. The only issue I have with them is I seem to get a lot of duds... Every 5th pen or so has ink flow issues. But, since I haven't found anything better, I just toss the duds and buy more.

    I think I'll try ordering this exact model and see if I have better luck.

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Oh, my GOD, I love that you just went crazy talking about the appropriateness of a purple-ink pen. I am obsessed with pens too, except everyone seems to steal mine. :(

  3. I love the Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens as well. So much so that I ordered 0.25mm for the sole purpose of annotating neurotically small in First Aid for the USMLE.
    But for a nice sturdy pen, you should try out the Tul retractable ballpoint pen. Variety of colours, and no cap!

  4. Good pens are like crack for nerds. I love a good pen!

  5. Pen Lover12:49 PM

    Favorite post ever. I have the sickest obsession with asian fine-point tipped pens. Have you tried the Pilot G-3 pens? They're not retractable, but it does have a rubber grip and it lays down some juicy but still thin lines. Also, it's a pointed tip, not needle-point like the Hi-Tec-C, which I don't like. However, they only came in black, blue, red, and green.

    Didn't like the uni-ball Signo RT. They write very dry. I do adore the regular pen & cap version uni-ball Signo 0.38mm or even the 0.28mm though. They write differently.

  6. Ah, it'll always be a Pentel K106 Hybrid roller for me. I couldn't even look at another pen. That would be cheating! It's so good for drawing and I can even get refills which makes me feel nice and.. well, smug is the word, I suppose.

  7. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Pilot G-3 pens, 0.38mm in black ink. Now those things are creatures of perfection!

  8. Why is my faculty threatening to take away any future license I may have if I ever write in a color other than black?

  9. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I envy your handwriting. My notes are not much more than a scrawl.

    Maybe it's because I write with crappy (free) pens I get from conferences.

  10. Pen Lover2:38 PM

    Rock on Anoymous! Pilot G-3 for life!

  11. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I had a 75 year old, 4 foot Indian cardiologist who only wrote in purple ink. He also wore a light blue "white" coat and had a typewriter on the 2 med floors just for him to write with. He used the typewriter for long notes, purple pen for short ones. Oh and when he wrote, it was like he was drawing an EKG, he would flat line between words LOL.

    So as long as you have the smarts to back it up you can be as kooky as you want :)

  12. Yes, fabulous pen post!!! After you twittered about ordering your pens, I went to the Jet Pens website and ordered 6 different kinds to try. I don't like a gel pen, so I am currently using the Pilot Rexgrip 0.7 - and I love it! And I have 5 more to try still.

    Thanks for the new pen link!

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Great pen advice! I love office supplies, and get really excited about my pens too! I guess it's not so abnormal to have a pen... fetish?

  14. Gregory House, PA-S:

    At least when I was in training, it was the general rule that while med students and residents were only allowed to write in black ink, attending could use whatever crazy color of ink they wanted. (The crazy colors usually just extended to "blue" and "darker blue," though there was this one elderly attending who had an awesome honest to god gold-plated fountain pen with brown ink.)

  15. Also, thank you everyone for normalizing my pen fetish. You are all enablers.

  16. OH_EM_RES5:23 PM

    Someone came up with the term "organizational orgasm" the other day... I believe they were talking about a general office supply fetish, but this post totally reminded me of it.
    I may have to investigate these new pens you posted about. I'm always looking for the perfect pen and I have both the penmanship and hand cramp issues!

  17. During orientation to the hospital, they made it seem like there was a LEGAL reason that we had to write in black ink. Now I know it's just another manifestation of the hierarchy. Thank you.

  18. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I used to work in the legal industry before medical school, and we used blue pens (easier to tell copies from originals).

  19. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I have miniscule handwriting--I have been getting lectured about it ever since I learned to write--and anything other than fine-tipped pens are a disaster for me. I always sound like a nut case when I talk about pens, but if you have small handwriting the game changes entirely. So glad someone understands the finer details of pens.

  20. Nikki7:25 PM

    I am not only obsessed with pens, but office supplies of all types. For Christmas last year my husband gave me a bunch of different color/size post-its and a multi-color pack of sharpies...I also got a Sirus radio, but I think I might have loved the post-its and sharpies more!

  21. THANK YOU. for sharing your research. i love pens & i am picky.

  22. Anonymous8:57 PM

    My dad got me a writing kit from Japan, and in it was a Pilot Precise V5 RT in black. I promptly fell in love. I actually have huge handwriting, but I found out that it's actually proportional to the width of the tip. I CAN write small, if I have a fine-tipped pen! We're going to residency next year, and they're all electronic, but if I somehow end up needing pens, I'm going to find this post so I can find the link to this awesome online pen store!

  23. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Holy crap...and I thought I was obsessed with pens!

  24. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Holy crap. I freakin' love the purple, and am ordering it now. By the by, I had a PICU fellow who used only pastels, and someone went to legal to complain. Legal said any color but red is kosher with them.

    Peds anesthesiologist and intensivist

  25. Vicky1:19 AM

    I'm a third year med student and I have the worst pen (and highlighter) addiction school only made it worse. Everytime my parents go to Taiwan they bring back a bunch of pens for me (enablers!)

    I agree with Kate up there that about the uni-ball Signo 0.38mm. More comfortable to write with than the Pilot Hi-Tec b/c it has a rubber grip. Dunno if they make them retractable though. Also, these are my recent obsession:
    The tip is similar in quality to a sharpie, so you can't press down too hard, but the ink is great - doesn't smudge, doesn't leak through the paper like sharpie. I use them for my review books since the gel pens always smear on the shiny paper.

  26. Doesn't anyone else use a fountain pen? At school it was always (from first grade and in every subject, yes including maths) mandatory to use a fountain pen with royal blue ink (the only colour of ink which is erasable). Now I can't imagine using anything else because they write so smoothly and other pens give me hand cramp after a while too. I recently found a packet of multicoloured cartridges, so now my med school notes are rainbow coloured.

  27. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Muji .38 black slthought they have lids however very unique no one can steal them

  28. But wait.... you said THREE. What about the third pen?

  29. ENTintern11:19 AM

    this was a fantastic post! i immediately went to jetpens and promptly ordered the Uni-ball Signo RT UM-138 Gel Pen and a plethora of other pens to try out. is it weird that i am so excited for them to arrive?!

  30. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink pens are nice (0.3 mm). My favorite pen though is the Uniball Vision which comes in a dark pink (pretty!) and blue black. Sadly, I've only ever found in once in HK.

  31. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Hi Michelle,

    I used to stock up on pens from Japan (specifically the 0.4 Hi-Tec) until I found out Pilot sells their G-2 pen in a 0.38 tip at Staples. I'm trying to support their efforts in hopes they realize there is a market for these in the US! For the hospital where I tend to misplace pens, despite my use of the decoy pen trick, these have been an awesome find. Unfortunately, I think they only have them in blue, black, and maybe red.

  32. I love this pen review, so much, that now I want to order and use this pen. And I want it in lavender black. I crave anything that sounds like office supplies.

  33. I just have to say that I've been using the original Uni Alpha gel 0.7 mm ballpoint for 4 or 5 years and it's amazing. Writes smoothly, thinly, is amazingly comfortable, and only looks better as it gets worn down (aluminum barrel).

    The smoothest pen, by far, is the Uni Jetstream 0.5 mm ballpoint. I use it for crosswords, mainly, since it writes amazingly thin and glides along paper effortlessly.

  34. I love the UniBall 0.38mm, but I couldn't find it anymore -- I'm going to stock up!

    My current favorite pen is a Sakura Pigma Micron pen. They come in a rainbow of colors, 0.2 - 0.25mm tip (!!!) and they have waterproof, archival ink. They also come in bigger sizes, but who wants that? :) I got mine at Utrecht, but I've seen them at many art stores and craft/hobby stores. They have a sort of felt-type tip which physically wears away after 3 or 4 months of daily use, but I can deal with replacing them that often.

  35. This just in: Jetpens sells the Sakuras! (I seriously am in love with these pens. Beautiful line quality. And how many 0.2mm pens have you ever seen?

  36. For so many years, I thought I alone in my feelings for pens!!

  37. I also grip my pen pen rests on my ring finger with a two finger grip and my parents tried to get me to change my ways...but I stuck to it. And I also love pens, thank you for the great post!

  38. Without the drug company pens life has gone to hell.

  39. I, too, am wondering what the third pen was. Man, I love pens...

  40. Anonymous12:22 AM

    We're all a bunch of pen nerds

  41. Anonymous7:47 AM

    There is a reason why you use black ink at work/hospital. And that is for maximum legibility and preservation of the medical record. Apparently, microfilm works best with black ink. Well, okay it's not 1970's anymore, but I think black is probably the best color for scanners too. It stands out the most from the background. If you're an attending, your butt will be defended in court based on your "legible" medical record.

  42. jandjrnmom9:09 AM

    Love Love Love this post. Michelle, you are hilarious. And I totally understand your pen fetish. I get hand cramps too when I write my nursing notes with a bad bad hospital standard pen.

  43. Connieswales8:31 PM

    How funny that you would use an anesthesia record from Nebraska---I happen to work in NE and consult at the University Hospital. Made me look twice and laugh!

  44. Ismet Dagtekin9:21 PM

    I like the uniball jetstream series the most :

    they are both smooth and reliable. but I always have the paranoia that some resident in the momentary need of a pen, so I dont use that pen at med school:)
    It's always the same, even in med schools in Turkey:)
    we have drug company office goods encravings periodically :)
    sometimes i think that i am being a doctor just for these stationery issues!
    Michelle you are supported internationally, believe me :)

  45. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Michelle, do you supervise med students/residents at your job?

  46. I also think we have to use black or blue. I like the G pilots too. But I can't believe that you didn't include one of the most important features for me - has to be a clicky-top. The caps get lost/fall off, gotta put them back on. Can't do that.

  47. Anonymous7:31 PM

    oh my gosh i love pens. michelle, i think you should work for jet pens. i just placed a huge order.

  48. You are so right, the jet pens site is highly dangerous! I received my first order of pens today and was very excited to test them all out! Although I'm not in medicine yet, I can't wait to jump in and start writing to my hearts content with all my trendy the meantime, I can always enjoy them with my current job...and studying.

  49. Thanks for the post!!! I just placed an order!!!

  50. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I still love the V5 RT. I thought that was my own personal discovery. Oh well.

  51. drdadr12:42 PM

    A couple hospitals I rotated through had black ink-only policy. In addition, when orders were on carbon-duplicate-paper(pre-CPOE days), you had to carry a ballpoint, and couldn't rely on just a soft-tip or fountain pen.

    I don't use a pen a whole lot anymore aside from jotting notes before cases or during clinic visits.

  52. 1. Here's another vote for the Pilot Precise V5-RT. Uniball Signo is lovely, and I'll try a Tul retractable based on the recommendation of your commenters, but the PP-V5-RT is a perfect standard pen for the office.

    2. I also like blue to tell original from copy

    3. There's only one good reason to carry a capped pen (as opposed to retractable) in a hospital or clinic. When someone asks to borrow a pen, remove the cap, hand them the pen sans cap, and when they're done writing, they'll have a natural tendency to replace the cap rather than stick the pen in their pocket.

  53. Anonymous4:08 PM

    my new favorite pen is the Pilot Precise V5... needle-point, writes very smoothly (moreso than even the G2 0.5mm, my other pen love.) No clicky-top is the only disadvantage. Definitely ruined one of my white coats by shoving the uncapped pen quickly into my breast pocket when running to a crash c-section. Pen nerds, unite!

  54. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Have you tried the Space Pen? I've had mine for a year and a half and it only ran out of ink last week. It's not a gel pen though. It can write through blood. Totally awesome. You can buy lavender-black ink too!

  55. Anonymous7:30 AM

    oops, my comment (second from bottom, above) meant to say the Pilot Precise GRIP. For some reason it just writes better than the rest of the Pilot Precise family. It is a thing of beauty. I have blue and black. Were I allowed to write my notes in blue, I would, because it is so, so beautiful. Alas, I resort instead to just using the blue for my personal notes-to-self since I can't write my notes-to-the-hospital in that hue. But it is pretty. So, so pretty. And the black one makes my notes look neat and polished and beautiful. So much so that sometimes I bring up an ED consult note that I've photocopied and show it to the nurses and say, "isn't this pretty?" They think I'm nuts... for good reason...

  56. As a fellow pen freak (and medical student about to become PGY-1), I can attest to many of the things you addressed in this post:

    - The Pilot Hi-Tec-C (retractible) is definitely a tiny and delicate pen. Definitely not built for the rigors of the medical environment.

    - I *heart*heart*heart* the Uniball. I didn't know that Jet Pens carried them in those colors! As other commentors pointed out, I've bought them from Staples or Office Max in the traditional black/blue/red multipack.

    - Another fantastic retractible pen that I used to buy from Jet Pens:
    Pilot G-Knock in 0.38mm

    This pen has received many the envious, lingering glances from other pen geeks on the floors. The advantages of this pen are that you can buy refills and it definitely lives its pen barrel lifespan to the fullest. I love this pen.

    You guys are fueling my pen addiction. I am really itching to buy some retractible pens that I don't yet need!!!

  57. Oh, and I also forgot to mention the Zebra Sarasa in the 0.4 or 0.3mm. Another solid retractible pen. God, I love Japanese/Asian pens. I've been wanting to go on another trip to Korea and Japan JUST so I can buy pens amongst many other things....

  58. Anonymous2:59 PM

    and from the looks of things you are totally trying out your new rainbow collection on a Kate's Paperie notebook...ammi right?

  59. jess, rn9:21 PM

    thank god i am not the only one with a pen fetish! i was beginning to think i was the only one. people think i'm nuts when i talk about having to have a certain pen to write with. our or records recently got much smaller and i cannot fill them out with the regular ball point pens. a crna once gave me a tul pen that i love - retractible, of course! and maybe its just the male doctors but i always give them a 'decoy' ballpoint, pen bc you know you're never going to see it again!! thanks for the post and pen links! looks like ive got some shopping to do ;)

  60. sn1237:15 AM

    I'm not quite sure how it happened but after reading your post I had an out-of-body experience during which I bought a new pen. Or 5......

    I figure anything that makes my handwriting even remotely legible so that the nurses don't page me to clarify my orders is an investment. For the public! Right?!?

    Ponder this.
    Dr Grip 4+1 : love the grip/weight, don't like ink pen or the thickness (0.7mm) so switch with
    Uniball Style multi 0.28mm refills : same gel ink as Signo! In pretty colours!!!

  61. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Pilot Better Retractable Fine will CHANGE your life. It changed mine. Fine tip (0.5 mm or 0.7 mm) ballpoint pen. If you need to write tiny and not smudge, it's the greatest thing ever!!! (Bonus: you can get it in cute colors like purple! Yay!)

  62. Hey, a 4th-year resident in (Some-Specialty) at (Someplace) in Atlanta here. First, wanted to thank you for your genius comics, they've given me many chuckles throughout my training. Also, just thought I'd chime in and say I've used the Hi-Tec C's on and off for a while (the 0.3 mm ones, though the 0.4 mm might be better, come to think of it) after going through all the usual suspects--Precise V5s, Pilot G2 0.5 mm, etc. Lately, though, I've been using the Pilot G2 0.38 mm pens. Retractable, smooth, and I can get them at most office supply stores and occasionally Target, which is a heck of a lot easier/quicker/cheaper than either a) ordering them from Jet Pens, or b) trying to get my parents (who currently reside in South Korea) to ship me boxes of them (which I did recently). Plus, I found the Hi-Tec Cs don't often fare well when dropped with the cap off. As a person who frequently twirls (and occasionally drops) my pens, the fragile tips of the Hi-Tecs was kind of a deal breaker.

  63. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Pilot G-2 .05 pens rock. Easy to find plus a click pen (no cap). Going by the last entry, looks like i need to find the G2 0.38mm though.

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