Thursday, October 28, 2010

my three sons

Got my bound galleys in the mail yesterday!

Of course the final book is going to be in hardcover, and the paper quality is going to be better, and the spine and back cover will hopefully look less...temporary...but goodness me, how exciting. Exciting to me that is, not necessarily to Mack and Cal, who could not even look away from the TV long enough for me to explain why I was wedging a book between them and taking pictures.

(And of course, I am obligated to remind you that the book! is available! for pre-order! exclamation point!! OK, advertisement over. Have a good Thursday.)


  1. Congrats--I am excited for you as well!

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    What's the big deal?
    Doesn't every mommy write a book?

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    That must be such an awesome feeling! I can't wait till the book is out. I'm buying my mother a copy (as the parent of a med student and a resident, she loves reading medical memoirs) but reading it first.

  4. Goodness!! I haven't checked your blog in almost 4 years, and now you're published! Congrats. Whereas you have made strides in your life, I am still pretty much where I started 4 years ago. Ack.

    I'm so glad you're still blogging. :)

  5. mazel tov! who's blurbing?
    p.s. love the PJ's.

  6. wow, cutest picture of Mack EVER!

  7. If this was a Facebook posting, I would push the *LIKE* button!


  8. hell yes, go michelle!! i've been reading your blog for five years (since freshman year of college)...don't think i can express how ridiculously excited i am to read your book and how awesome you are. keep writing!

  9. i'm excited to read the book, but i just wanted to chime in that i'm IN LOVE with the cover and title of your book. i'm pretty sure they are inspired. Probably by God, because they're PERFECT! ♥

  10. Anonymous8:38 AM

    and Mack is NOT frowning!! for once :) haha... i too am an ardent follower of your work! congratulations again!

  11. Heidi9:04 AM

    Mack may not be frowning, but he still looks a little skeptical... so cute!

  12. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Congrats. there are at least 3 great things about this post:

    1) the cuteness (obviously:)
    2) the book news (yay! will read)

    but most importantly the message: 3) that it's ok for them to watch TV.

    Damn do I feel less guilty now.

  13. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Already placed my order! Can't wait to read your book :)
    Every time I look at your kids' pictures, I can't help but think GOSH you have such good looking kids!!

  14. So fabulous! Love the look and can't wait to get my copy. But I gotta say that monkey and the pocket in the picture look SO REAL! Like you could just reach out and grab them. Which got me thinking - do you think your publisher would make a special edition (just for us crazies) that had an ACTUAL sock monkey and an ACTUAL pocket? How cool would that be!!! My kids would LOVE IT!

    Okay, jk, you know.
    (Unless you want to ask them...... ;-) )

  15. Wow--that is fantastic! Congrats.