Friday, November 26, 2010

good enough for me

I have to admit (rather sheepishly) that being on call on Thanksgiving wasn't really that bad. I went in early to do rounds for the pain service, did one case and one new consult, and then was able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I even got to join the everyone for Thanksgiving dinner (mostly because this year, Thanksgiving dinner was actually at dinnertime, instead of at lunch), with the family of Cal's best friend from school. It was very nice. We even got pity leftovers, which, as we all know, are the best part. I am, of course, still on call for the rest of the weekend, but that is neither here nor there. It's just a regular weekend at this point.

And anyway, now, there's this:

I admit I am feeling particularly smug about having finished the Christmas shopping for the kids about a week and a half ago. I was subject to some particularly vicious price-gouging last year (and not even on anything special, no Tickle-Me anythings or those weird robot hamsters, just regular little kid stuff) and thus decided to try and get the bulk of my toy-shopping done before Thanksgiving. I also took the liberty of helping select toys for various grandparents and great-grandparents in abstentia who usually just say, "I don't know what the hell to get them, just buy them something you know they'll like and tell me how much it cost," hence the respectable gift pile this early. Of course I do have to reconsider the wisdom of getting them, you know, more toys, because the basement already looks like this:

...but, you know. Kids and Christmas, it's just worth it. If you could have seen Cal fussing and rearranging the present pile and trying to diving their contents using both palpation and percussion, like some old school primary care doc, you would have died, believe me.

* * *

Also, completely unrelated to anything, this is quite possibly the best thing I have seen on YouTube in...well, ever.

Unfortunately, Sesame Street is, like, 75% Elmo now. I mean, Elmo is cute and all, but come on.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Oh Dear, that tree needs some serious help!

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I really liked the cookie monster video. super cute!

  3. Buy some old school Sesame Street from Amazon. Elmo free!

  4. Outre4:17 PM

    Your twit makes me want to boil up some Shin ramen...

    I'm pretty sure my stomach will be preserve along with my finger tips. I have ramen and the embalming fluids to thank. (the two weren't in the same vicinity)

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    "using both palpation and percussion, like some old school primary care doc" so funny! i'm just starting to learn these skills now as a second year med student. Cal is so advanced ;-)

  6. Cookie Monster will always be better than Elmo.

  7. Look at you, ahead of the game!

    I've been told that (at least in the ER) Thanksgiving is actually a pretty good day to work. The day after is hellish, though.