Tuesday, November 16, 2010

under the sea

I took Mack to the aquarium today, which means I got lots of pictures of the back of his head. If you're visiting Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is worth a visit, even though it costs thirty-three squijillion dollars to get in and if your kids are prone to fits of sulky boredom and want to leave after forty-five minutes (as Cal did one time) it will be very hard not to calculate the dollars-per-minute ratio of your visit and start getting chest pain. I just ended up getting a membership--the membership fee costs less than the price of two adult tickets, so if you're planning on going more than once in the next 12 months it's probably worth it. Also, I think kids 3 and under are free, so bring as many babies as you want, or else cram your five year old into a onesie and try to sneak him in. (Not that I am condoning ticket fraud, but let's just say I was very small for my age and I think my parents were able to get me in at the movies at the kid's price well past my fourteenth birthday.)

Mack, looking delicious. Apparently, this shark concurs.

* * *

Sorry to be doing so much self-promotion, I am vaguely sheepish about it, and though I realize that it needs to be done (I always think of that scene in "The West Wing" where Josh Lyman insists that the president's staff does not take curtain calls--I think this goes double in medicine, since most of the good outcomes that we get credit for are entirely due to the patient's own physiology or strength of will), as I have discussed before, self-promotion makes me feel weird.

But! Yesterday I got an e-mail from a reader with info that I thought I should pass along to the international readers at large. Apparently "This Won't Hurt a Bit (and Other White Lies)" is available for pre-order at a site called The Book Depository, which offers free worldwide shipping. Yes, even Vatican City, I checked! (Hi, Your Holiness.) So if you don't live in the U.S., it could be worth checking out. Big thanks to Lurkette in Israel for the nice e-mail and the heads up!


  1. That is awesome news! Book Depository is awesome - I'm pre-ordering your book RIGHT NOW!

  2. love love love bookdepo! plus now they're offering some sort of christmas discount..hee. (i promise i don't work for them!)
    if i didn't have to move next year i'd definitely preorder it! darn these student apartments and one year leases. grr.
    can't wait to read your book!

  3. I love you even more now that you've used a West Wing quote.

    Cal looks so cute in that pic! Heard great things about the Georgia aquarium but never been.

  4. Anonymous8:37 PM

    will there be a book tour??

  5. Laura6:32 AM

    First reaction: Oooh free shipping!
    Second reaction, on viewing of book depot website: Ooh only AUD$19.12, excellent!
    Final reaction: Pre-order.... 175 DAYS TO GO!!!?! WHAT?!? That's like, 5 months away!! Yes, I understand, it is a pre-order... but still. That is not in time for me to pre-read before I start med-school in January, psh.
    Also, does it not kill you that your book is that far from hitting the shelves? I would be dying.... or maybe that's just how long before it ships to Australia.

    PS Just quietly, I will slip you the AUD$20 in person if you sneak me one of your test-copies for me to read before I start school

  6. Constance10:15 AM

    Yay for posting on your twitter account again! Also, I know that I speak for many that if you do a book tour, you will have gobs of fans waiting for you in New England, including your alma mater. Please do!!!