Saturday, December 04, 2010

a marriage of convenience

A text message exchange from earlier this week:

Momo, don't laugh at me, but I have a patient and I want
blood ready for the surgery, but might not need it. Should I
"type and screen" or "type and crossmatch"?

Depends how fast you would need it. If you want it
sitting outside the OR to give at a minute's notice,
type and cross. If you will unlikely need it immediately
and have 30 minutes lead time once you think
you might want to transfuse, type and screen.

Crossmatch involves an additional step, typing the
unit of donor blood against the patient's blood.

Type and cross dress? Ever done that?

Yes, that's where the blood bank put the unit
in a dress and heels.

For my own vanity I will leave out the countless occasions that I texted Joe in the middle of the day asking him ridiculously simplistic questions about the human eye as it pertains to my scope of practice (that is to say: mostly corneal abrasions, and when it is OK to use nitrous after a scleral buckle). We are like a built in free consult service for each other. Marriage!


  1. Only one comment: Momo?

  2. momo is so cute!

  3. Francesca9:17 PM

    Same thing happens with me and my GF. She answers all my sports/ortho questions, I help her with all the OB/Gyn/psych stuff. We both end up sounding like geniuses!

  4. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Thanks for explaining that! I'm a second year peds resident, and I need a minute to think it through each time I have to order that for a preop patient. Now I have an easier example to remember: type and cross dress. Thanks to Joe for that!

  5. It's easy here - "group and hold" is equivalent to your "type and screen" and then our next step is crossmatch.

    Also you guys are cute. :)

  6. Kandi8:40 AM

    same with my ultra stupid Orth questions.... hahah.... isn't that what a partner is for?

  7. sarahMTSBB3:21 PM

    type & cross dress! ha! it's rare to hear blood bank humor. :)

    p.s. i'm so glad that some doctors understand the difference...spread the word among the nurses too will you? ;)

  8. After 7 years in blood banking, I didn't think any question could surprise me. Thanks for the laugh! (and thanks for knowing the right answer!)

  9. huh so there are benefits to marrying another doc :)
    by the way, we had lectures on anesthesia in our neuroscience module last week and I thought of you.. i had NO IDEA how complex anesthesia is... and this was just a couple of intro lectures.

  10. sn1234:22 AM

    How much does one bleed via an eyeball?

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