Thursday, January 06, 2011

dropping a deuce

Full disclosure: it's possible that I didn't remember that it was Mack's second birthday until this point in my day.

"January 6th...something familiar about that date...oh yeah."

Happy birthday, Mack! Who knew it only took two years to grow from grub to a little old man.

Keep on frowning, baby. We love you.


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    That is terrible! You didn't remember your own child's birthday?! I mean it is obvious from the complete lack of discussion about Mack on this blog (compared to how you used to update us every five minutes on the color of Cal's poop) that he REALLY suffers from second child syndrome in your house, but wow, to not even care about the kid's birthday... that's just incredible, and I am so sad for him.

  2. Who's Mack?

    Oh yeah.

    (You were kidding, right?)

  3. Anonymous is being a little too outraged!

    I'd forget my own name if it wasn't written on my name badge, so I'm impressed that you remembered a birthday!!!

    He is such a little cutie. Give him a birthday hug from me!

  4. veronica7:42 PM

    Mack is like Molly Ringwald in "Sixteen Candles". Only I guess it would be "Two Candles."

  5. Every time I do a mental status exam, I have to check the date first.

    Anonymous-- You're kind of a lame-o. That is all.

  6. Annapolitan8:25 PM

    I'm guessing "Anonymous" was a second child.

    Happy Birthday, Mack!

  7. At least you know you have some very....devoted...readers?

    Happy Birthday to the World's Youngest Senior Citizen!

  8. Anonymous12:33 AM

    It is just so sad that the only things you seem to want to write about this kid are that he frowns a lot and that you can't remember his birthday until mid-morning. This poor child. I just feel really badly for him that his own mother forgot about his second birthday. And I feel badly for you, Michelle, that rather than being embarrassed about this, you find it hilarious and post about it on your blog. Unfreakingbelievable...

  9. Cecily12:54 AM

    Michelle, I think that any parent can sympathize. My sister is a second child and most loved, but we still talk over her at the dinner table without meaning to be rude, and let's not forget about the time my dad almost drove off without her in the supermarket parking lot when we were little.

    It's not like Mack can even get mad about you forgetting, no harm, no foul. It is obvious you love both your babies, and hope Mack has a great birthday!

  10. Knotellin1:06 AM

    I find it hilarious that Mack is totally recognizable from his baby picture. He is an adorable little boy.

    Since I sometimes have to do the math to remember my age, I'll refrain from comment on the comments.

  11. Callen7:24 AM

    I was a second child and it became a family joke that (1) we were always on vacation somewhere on my birthday, so (2) I never really had a birthday, I just got presents here and there over a week or so. My parents are in their late 80s now and they usually remember my birthday a week or two after it happens. No biggie. They love me. I know it. that's all that counts. And Mack and Cal are adorable.

  12. doctor mom8:01 AM

    In this culture, we make such a big deal of acknowledging the child's birthday with gifts and materialistic expressions of love. I believe one should thank his/her mother with a phone call on his/her birthday with an expression of "thanks for having me". Addressing Mothers among readers: do you all get calls on your birthday from your grown kids?.

  13. If my (only) child's birthday were not on the first of the month, I'd have a hard time remembering on the actual day, since we celebrate birthdays on the weekend before, usually.

    I seldom remember it's my OWN birthday.

    So anonymous, dial it back and lighten up.

  14. I have forgotten my dad's birthday and my sisters' birthday (two sisters, one day) and I'm lucky to remember my own... so I'm probably going to forget my baby's birthday and my wedding anniversary one day.

    I too check the date before I do a mental state exam... and since I'm not English and was working in England found myself wondering if Elizabeth was still Queen when asking the patient who the monarch was.

  15. To this day my father still has a hard time telling me what day my birthday is, but he sat on my bed and talked to me every night at bedtime, he coached T-ball and softball, he taught me to drive and he put me through college and law school(and a hundred other little/big things)so, ya know, I think I'll forgive him.

    I was a lucky kid and Mack is a very lucky kid.

  16. As if Mack cares! He has all the love he needs on a daily basis!

    Anonymous you need to calm down.

  17. And I am a second child. Me and Mack are on the same page. And we don't care. Just feed us cake + or - 3 days of our birthday.

  18. Anonymous12:33 PM

    You people crack me up. None of us really know what Mack's life is like or how much love he has on a daily basis. All *I* know is what Michelle presents, which is that: he frowns a lot, he likes Cars, and she can't remember his birthday. Contrasting that with how much she talks about Cal, and yeah, it's a large, noticeable difference. I'm very much for equity in how you treat/care for each child. I make the same fuss over BOTH of my children, never forgot the second one's birthday, and never make fun of how my children look. And yeah, I think that makes me a better parent than someone who openly talks on her blog about forgetting her kid's birthday. How will he feel when he grows up and reads your book or blog or whatever and reads that? I'm really embarrassed for you, Michelle.

  19. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I have an infant and I start med school in the fall. I don't normally comment but Anonymous is really getting under my skin. You mention Mack plenty (I love his name, BTW) and both of your kids seem like they get plenty of attention. You are also a pretty busy person and I love that you blog (thanks!). The fact that you are a real person and you don't hide that is endearing. I am sick of the working mommy = bad mommy attitude disguised as concern. You are doing a fine job!

  20. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Anonymous--you must be perfect and never make a mistake in life to judge so harshly. As parents we should support each other in child rearing not bring bring each other down. We all make mistakes.

  21. Anonymous3:23 PM

    It's my fault she commented on his frowning...I asked about it, sorry, Michelle.

  22. Anonymous3:25 PM

    It's partially my fault, I asked about the frowning initially, and Michelle simply responded (in a very adoring-mother-kind-of-way). Sorry, Michelle!

    --Not the irrationally judgmental Anonymous

  23. Anonymous (#1), please go off somewhere and bask in the self-righteous glow of your own parental perfection. You will enjoy that a lot more than lingering here, I'm sure.

    Mack, old man, happy birthday! You are a lucky fellow to have such a funny, creative and dedicated mother.

    Michelle, when they read this blog as adults, I guarantee your boys will be proud. And your daughters-in-law will be charmed.

  24. Nikki3:42 PM

    Wow, anonymous, worry about your own damn life.

  25. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Michelle - have you thought about how you can make the materials on this blog (the cute pics and memories, not the dumb comments - ooh, I hope you don't think this is a dumb comment too; but whatever:)...have you thought about how you can make these permanent? I'm thinking about how to create keepsakes for my son, whos about 19 mos (and yes, whose exact b-day I recently forgot - narrowed it to 2 days, was thinking...)

  26. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Michelle, don't worry. MS3 here. I grew us as an only child, being plenty loved, but one summer my cousin from across the Atlantic was over for a visit. My mom was so busy she forgot my birthday. No damage done, though - I realized that sometimes things slipped her mind. Certainly did not make me think any less of her. It's all good. Keeping things in perspective helps. My mom never tried to be a perfect parent but instead, was confident and relaxed about parenting. Probably why we now have such a good, healthy relationship. Keep up the good work! :)

  27. Anonymous6:09 PM

    i actually think there have been more posts about mack than cal recently ;-)
    and we all love you michelle... i remember when you disabled comments b/c of sucky people like 1st anonymous, so be like a duck and let it roll off your back.

  28. Anonymous #1: are you being serious?? go f*** yourself.

  29. Anonymous9:13 PM

    People who make conclusions about a blogger's personal life based on the blog's content are making asinine assumptions. Anonymous (the one who thinks s/he is a better parent than Michelle Au) - what makes you think that this blog is an accurate representation of the author's life, thoughts, attitudes, or anything? She writes for her own reasons, not to document her life for you. You feel so bad and embarrassed for her... too bad you don't feel that way for yourself. Look up the defense mechanism called "projection". Do you feel bigger and better now, after putting Michelle Au down? People who are happy and secure do not need to put others down to raise themselves up.

    - Another (Canadian) Michelle

  30. I don't typically comment, but just had to LOL at the ridiculousness of the anonymous commenter.

    I'm an MS3 on my surgery clerkship (with a toddler who does not sleep through the night). In the last few days I have forgotten:
    1. To pay my bills. Totally slipped my mind.
    2. How much I pay the nanny each week. Yup, the amount doesn't change each week but I had to ask her today how much to write her check for.
    3. Which checkbook I use to pay the nanny.
    4. Where I parked my car in the morning. I left the hospital and couldn't find it.

    So, um yeah. I could TOTALLY forget for a few hours on the morning of my child's birthday that it is my child's birthday. Doesn't mean I love that child less than the child who's birthday falls when I'm less busy and/or sleep-deprived. It just means I'm freaking tired. Sorry kids, I hope you'll forgive me.

  31. popcornmama12:55 AM

    And all *I* know is what Anonymous #1 present, which is that: she/he is rude, likes to put people down, and doesn't have a sense of humor.

  32. popcornmama1:11 AM

    Seriously, Anonymous #1? You thought Michelle made fun of Mack's appearance when she blogged about his frowns? Maybe I should stop "insulting" my son for calling him Stinky Face then. Michelle's posts about Mack had been full of affection and love...but that likely didn't come across to you given your inability to recognize words of endearment.

  33. Happy Birthday Mack!!

  34. Michelle,

    I thought your post was hilarious. Anonymous#1 really needs to get a grip. I have no idea re: your parenting skills from you blog, because OBVIOUSLY WE HAVE NEVER MET. It must be nice being as perfect as Anon #1, and clairvoyant also. In fact, with those skills, I am amazed that he/she sees fit to read the blog of a mere mortal such as yourself!

  35. Catherine10:08 AM

    If Mack and Cal have the pleasure and privilege of reading their mother's blog when they're older, I think they'll enjoy her humor and wit, appreciate her resilience and hard work, and be reminded of how much they're both loved.

    We'd all hope the children we're raising will have the maturity, understanding, intelligence and insight as adults to know that playful mocking and humor is exactly that - playful! In which case, Anonymous #1's fear for Mack's self esteem seems unfounded.

    So happy birthday Mack! And happy new year to your family.

  36. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I'm starting to suspect that Anonymous #1 is a troll!!! (Otherwise, I'm not sure how a judgmental, close-minded, self-righteous, uptight and humorless person who is ashamed for other people's parenting skills/compares themselves (like this is a contest!) is a good example for his/her kids. But at least he/she remembers their birthdays- because that's what counts, right?)

  37. Anonymous10:40 PM

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