Sunday, January 02, 2011

on deck

I know that as someone who writes on the internet I should be more up on this kind of thing, but I just today figured out how an RSS feed works and how to organize them into some kind of reader. I am like your uncle who makes you print out all of his e-mails so that he can read them. (Or the mom who turns off her computer by unplugging it from the wall.) Technology! I has got it!

Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow for me and most everyone, and though you always have that end-of-vacation pang ("if only I had one more day to sleep in, then I would really be refreshed!") for the most part I'm ready to go back. I like my job. I miss doing it.

It's always a little hard to return to the hospital after being on vacation, kind of like stepping off one of those moving walkways at the airport. You have to readjust your pace. Your reflexes are a little slower, and you have to recalibrate them. Your thought process hasn't clicked all the way back in yet, it's like on manual reload versus automatic. (Sorry for the gun metaphor. Just pretend I'm talking about a camera.) I remember coming back from maternity leave after Mack was born, and after six weeks off, how just plain out of practice I felt, like an athlete in the off-season. You don't realize how active of a vocation (both physically and mentally) medicine can be until you have to jump back into it after a prolonged absence. I've only been on vacation since Christmas Eve, and already I feel like fat Elvis.

(Meaning deconditioned, not, you know, actually fat or nostalgically-slash-ironically beloved.)

Anyway, the holidays are over. It's a whole new year. Finish the last of your fruitcake and let's get back in there.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Is there a way for us to get notification via email when you update your blog?

  2. RSS Feed...use something like Google Reader, or if you prefer a separate program, Bloglines is a good one (they're free...and inform you of which blogs you've subscribed to that have updates.)

    Michelle, have you ever tried fruitcake? I never have. I just hear jokes about them. It's like the poor fruitcake is the butt of all holiday food jokes.
    just wondering...because no one i know has ever had it. someone must eat the stuff, though!

  3. I don't what the h*ll that last picture unless it is a Hawaiian fruitcake. That is nuclear. Who puts kiwi on a fruitcake. Okay, okay - I know kiwi is a fruit, but fruitcake is nasty to begin with, someone managed to up it a notch? How is that possible? Damn.

    I think I may dream about that tonight. I suspect it will be attacking me. That is just nasty.

  4. The only thing scarier is my lack of grammar and punctuation skills. My apologies.

  5. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I was going to post "I know that Publix salad!" but I see others see a fruitcake. I can see that. I think we're supposed to eat the last of the fruitcake and then to this salad. Which is at Publix, I highly recommend. After I finish all the cookies.
    Michelle, what struck me, and what I forget, is that you did not describe medicine as a "career" but as a "vocation." How refreshing that is to see a doc describe it as such. Happy New Year.
    And remember everyone, Cooper is a girl.

  6. Anonymous10:27 PM

    i still have an entire fruit cake sitting in my kitchen. I adore fruit cake, but in moderation. I have been off since 12/8 and do not return to work until 1/10. each day draws closer to then end of my time off - sad to even think about it.

  7. Veering away from the fruitcake topic for a minute:
    Umm, you know that your blog offers an RSS feed (that subscribe thing-y, bottom right)?
    I think Bloglines is defunct or about to be. I'd use Google Reader, but you have to remember to check it. So I use iGoogle, which allows you to create a web "dashboard" where multiple feeds appear in little windows when you open iGoogle, allowing quick review and linking to only those items of interest.
    You are right below's feed on my iGoogle dashboard.

    Have you learned how to do a PubMed search and put it in an RSS feed? Check out this short tutorial: (Click on the link for Keeping Up 2 and the last third of the tutorial covers creating an RSS feed from a PubMed search. The RSS feed link is now a button above the search box, but the rest of the tutorial is correct. )

    Have fun!