Tuesday, February 01, 2011

another trip in the way back machine

I know it's kind of a cop-out to post a picture that I first posted in this very blog a few years ago, but holy shit, look how many pagers I was wearing back then. ("Back then" was October 2007, my third year of Anesthesia residency.)

Left to right (per your perspective, not radiologic left to radiologic right) I'm wearing my cell phone, the Peds Trauma pager, the Peds Arrest pager, the Peds Pain pager, and my own personal pager. Needless to say I was on the Peds Anesthesia service at the time.

Still going through old pictures to find stuff to flesh out the photo page of the book website. My goal, as I mentioned before, is to post pictures that flesh out the stories that I wrote about in the book, some of which I touched upon in this blog but most of which I have not. FRESH STORIES. It's going to be fun, I really am looking forward to having you read them.

Here's just one more picture that I found from when we first got Cooper (but which didn't make the cut for the book photo page) showing her shaved belly and spaying scar. Do you know how long two fourth-year medical students will spend looking at their new puppy's spaying incision, evaluating the quality of the sutures used and criticizing the technique of the ties? A LONG FUCKING TIME.

Anyway, I feel OK copping out because both Mack and Cal are sick, and no one wants to hear about that as nothing is more boring than other people's kids and their virions. Enjoy the photo page, I'm just going to keep updating it until we hit the Mack Era, at which point I'm sure everyone can fill in The Rest Of The Story.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    keep posting tons of pics even if they are old

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    worst part of wearing all those pagers is when you have to use the bathroom

  3. Animal9:26 PM

    I was just wholly amazed at your b-cell chart. SOOOO NEAT and pretty, combined with cool colors. I almost had a neatgasm looking at it.

  4. Aw shame, and all the time she had to lie there sunny side up?

    (Yes, I did more or less the same with my freshly neutered rat, but only when he was still too drugged to care. I found it rather ironic that they put in purple sutures after removing his manhood. Afterwards he started smelling like flowers. )

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Fun photos! I like the perfectly lined up syringes.

    You didn't post a photo about Mack - clearly you don't love him. Kidding! (Though I'm sure someone is thinking that).

    - Another (Canadian) Michelle

  6. Yes, poor Mack, Cal has three and a half years of pictures and stories on him. But to be fair, we had a better camera and better photography skills by the time Mack came along, so he has better looking pictures.

  7. How did you keep your pants up? Duct tape?

  8. You tie your scrub pants very, very, very tight, and then stick out your gut to keep them wedged in place.

  9. i am very jealous of your superman scrub hat.

  10. Ok, I have been reading your blog for, oh, about forever, as I'm an anesthesia resident and a mom. Your picture of your oh-so-lovely lactation room brought back WAY too many memories of pumping in a shower stall in our locker room for 10.5 loooong months. I'm a little embarrassed that THAT is what finally inspired me to comment on your blog, but whatever. Love it!

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