Wednesday, February 16, 2011

let's bee friends

First off, let me point you in this direction: my publisher has made a Facebook page for the book, so...go look at it! And LIKE it! You know, click the little thumbs up thinger. I still have no idea what it means to click that you "LIKE" something (do you get points? Is there some ratings system where the most LIKED thing on the internet gets a ham? In which case I am way, way behind that You Tube clip of those kittens hiding in a latex glove box. Go LIKE the book! I NEEDS ME THAT HAM!) Also, while we're on the topic, this is my personal Facebook page--you should FRIEND me because I am FRIENDLY and then we can be FRIENDS and I can read your thoughts about the weather or That Thing You Saw on TV.

So, to sum: There is a website called FACEBOOK. I am FRIENDLY. And you should LIKE my book even if you haven't read it yet, because you should read it, and you will like it. Tiny thumbs up!

(Thank you. Sorry if I was bossy.)

Anyway, I'm on call tonight. Tomorrow I'm post-call, going to a parent-teacher conference at 8:00am, and then heading straight for the airport with Cal for a 10:30 flight to New York. That afternoon, I'm going into say hi to a few people at my publisher, and then my family is having dinner at La Bernardin. If you are not following me on Twitter yet (and if that is the case, why not?) now might be a good time, because I'm going to be tweeting a lot on this trip--primarily for Joe, who can't come because of work, and in whom I want to incite a raging jealousy--so why not come along for the ride? We'll go look at the squid and the whale together!

OK, gotta go to work. If you live in Atlanta, don't get sick tonight.


  1. Are you taking Cal to Le Bernardin?
    And you want to be my Facebook friend? Awesome. Everyone will be impressed that I'm friends with an Internet celebrity! Well, maybe they won't, but I will be impressed with myself. I promise you are going to love reading about the cute things my kid said and what I baked this weekend.

  2. It's going to take all my will power not to stalk you out via Twitter info.

  3. JoBob Wiggins2:43 PM

    Completely irrelevant to your original blog post, but I wanted to let you know that you've corrupted current Atlanta med. students to be your blog readers. It's kinda funny/strange to know that real doctors are, you know, real people, instead of attendings/celebrities/gods (of which I'm not convinced that there is a difference).

  4. Anonymous6:48 PM

    You really want use to friend you on facebook? That's surprising - I seem to recall you posting in the past that you really didn't care all that much for fb and prefer twitter.

  5. I totally prefer Twitter, but some people prefer Facebook so I'll do either. (But yes, Facebook is better for stalking.)

  6. I never bother telling people my dreams because dreams are pretty much relegated to the interesting only to the dreamer category, but this afternoon Doc and I took a nap. We manage to do this approximately once every 5.329 years, and today it happened. And I woke from a deep sleep in which I dreamed that you and I met, randomly, and I think we were in an airport, but you were in your doctor outfit and while I wasn't in my flight attendant uniform, I seemed to be doing something in a quazi official capacity when suddenly you happened to come on the scene. You had a bit of an entourage with you...maybe they were your book publishing dream team or something. Anyway, it was major exciting because you actually "knew" me when I told you who I was. And you were looking major gorge...all vibrant and happy. It was a nice, albeit random, dream.

    Have a fun NYC weekend! If there happens to be free wifi on the beach in Hawaii, I'll check in on your tweets! ♥

  7. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I found your facebook a few weeks ago but I thought it would have been too stalker-ish to add you then. Thanks for the excuse to let me add you now!

    A premedical student looking heavily into anesthesia

  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I think it is cool and cute you are taking Cal on a mom only trip. Have fun!

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