Tuesday, February 08, 2011

use it if you don't want to stink

There's nothing that's more boring (and a more stereotypical "mommy blog" trope) than complaining about being sick and how your damn kids gave it to you, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Behold, my restraint!


I got this package in the mail at work the other day. Usually my mail at work consists of clear plastic-wrapped medical journals (which I unwrap...sometimes) and various hospital-robot generated admonitions to sign my charts. So to get an actual package was something of a curiosity. This was what was inside.

Soap. Like a gift? From a patient that I had taken care of?

"Maybe they're trying to tell you something," one of my anesthetists piped up, miming the miasma of my prodigious body odor.

"Shut up, KEN," I said to him. (His name is Ken. Hi Ken!) "Oh wait, there's a card in here."

Turns out the soap was not from a patient, rather from a woman who had been pointed in the direction of the blog by her daughter, a third-year medical student. The woman (meaning the mom, though I'm sure they both read it because IT IS DISGUSTING) had seen my recent blog entry about the rats who have been eating our soaps (plural--upon further investigation, they actually tore into four or five bars, going preferentially for the Dove Men's Deep Clean soap while eschewing the unscented bars) and decided to send along a few bars of her handmade herbal soaps. And I think that's very sweet, because we are definitely bulk price club soap buyers, we've never had soap this nice.

Of course, the very fact that they smell nice will probably make them irresistible to the rodentia, so I'm going to have to keep them somewhere safe, like in the fridge or something. Unless they can get into there too, opening the fridge with their little clammy paws, like Raptors. Blergh. I've mentioned we're hoping to move in a month and a half, right?

(Thanks for the soaps, Christine!)


  1. Blergh is right! And those look niiiiiiiiice. Have a good suds with 'em! (The soaps, not the rats).

  2. How sweet:-)
    we had problems with mice at our old house.....it's creepy what they can get into. We had them get in the oven!

  3. Ever tried keeping your soap in a tin?
    Unless your rats are as savvy as one of my pet rats and your tin is as useless as my former cookie tin and the rats actually have time to repeatedly jump on the lid of the tin until it pops off.... your soap should be safe in a tin.

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM

    How freaking cool. The soap gift, not the rats. Rats=suck. Soap=cool.

  5. what a great story! :D

  6. What is it with the random (and some not-so-random) but usually unsolicited medical journals in plastic wrap? I do not want to have to unwrap them before chucking them into the recycle bin! So annoying.

  7. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I AM sick!! AND my damn kid gave it to me!

  8. The refrigerator seems like the perfect place for those soaps. They do look delicious!

  9. What's with the horrifying Narnia landscape background? Makes it impossible to actually READ the post. I'm just saying.

  10. Marisapan: I'm not certain but it sounds like your browser is not loading the page correctly. Or it could be sabotage by Edmund working under the influence of the White Witch. : ) Try reloading or using a different browser--Firefox or Google Chrome seem to do a pretty good job.

    (Also I would like to say that my favorite part of "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" was the description of the Turkish Delight. You can't imagine how disappointed I was when I actually tried Turkish Delight for the first time and found I somewhat less than enchanting.)

  11. Anonymous6:01 PM

    If you don't want to have the rats follow you to your new home, I'd get an exterminator into your current house before packing up the boxes.

  12. Have you considered keeping a pet snake around the house? :)