Saturday, March 19, 2011


Moving is the worst, I think we can all agree on that.  But since this is our fourth move in less than three years (YES), I like to think that at this point, we have things down to a science.  Our schedule for the current weekend is this.  Friday night, we moved the kids and selected essentials (read: clothes, diapers, toiletries, plates and silverware, particularly beloved toys, and just general crap necessary for daily function) over to the new house.  We spent the night in our completely empty new house, billing it to the kids as a "sleepover party" and amassing a giant mega-bed out of one mattress Joe was able to cram into a U-Haul laid next to the two futon mattresses for the as-yet-undelivered  bunk beds.  Today the movers packed up the rest of the stuff.  And tomorrow they will move all that stuff over here.  It is a series of staged maneuvers, like a military strike.

We learned that this staging is the best way to go about things only by trial and error.  Our first error was during the second move, where we spent the night in our first Atlanta townhouse after the movers had packed everything into boxes but before they actually moved everything out.  There were many boxes.  Cal was distressed.  Kids have a sense of order when it comes to their homes and seeing everything upended and entombed and mummified in plastic wrap horrified him.  So since then, we've learned to minimize the kids' actual exposure to the moving process.  Keep them out of the way for the packing, and remove them from the house when the movers are actually moving everything in.  (Planning for this, we have a babysitter lined up for tomorrow morning.)  This keeps their little heads screwed on straight, because forcing plasticity onto the construct of what they perceive to be a concrete entity tends to blow their tiny head gaskets.

After our last move (again, on a weekend), we discovered on Sunday night that not only could we not find Cal's lunchbox, but we also couldn't find his backpack, his jacket, his shoes, or any of the library books that he was supposed to return the next day.  So now we have a policy.  Anything that we anticipate needing within the first, oh, say, week of the move, we take with us ourselves.  Either we take it to the new house in a series of car trips or, as this time, we rent a U-Haul and take a whole truckload over in advance of the actual moving truck, so we know where everything is.  There is nothing more frustrating that needing something tiny and essential like a nail clipper, and not knowing which of the thousand identical, vaguely labelled boxes it resides in.  We have learned our lessons.  We will let the movers help us carry the couch down the stairs, but anything that we need and want to use, we bring over ourselves, in our own car, so they don't get tossed into a giant box maddeningly labelled, "HOUSE STUFF."

Anyway, we're here, at the new house, though most of the big stuff is not.  The movers are coming tomorrow.  I think we're in pretty good shape.  We don't have very much furniture, old or new, and I think that there's one room off to the side of the house that's going to have to be The Box Room for quite a few weeks (who am I kidding?  MONTHS.) until we get all our ducks in a row, but we're going to be in good shape by Monday morning, I think.  We're going to be at 80% efficiency, which, as long as you don't need me to attend a cocktail party or locate that one soup tureen that we got as a wedding present but which we never use--we're in pretty good shape.

Moving still sucks, though.  Did I mention we have no internet access yet?  I am stealing this connection from a nice man named Linksys now, as a matter of fact.  I know, I know, first world problems.  At least the weather's nice.

Have a good weekend.  Barring the possibility I will be pinned by a falling chiffarobe, I'll try and have a good one too.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Moving is awful. it is vile and nasty and makes everyone evil! I have moved 9 times in the past 15 years. in the old days I would load the Uhaul and move it all myself. Thankfully now uncle Sam moves all my crap!

    You do get better with repetiton. i have it down to a cooler, a need box (electrical stuff), essential papers, and 3-4 changes of clothes. I can get by with paper plates, a bottel opener and a laptop for about a month.

    I have borrowed wifi in the past and maybe that is why i keep my current access unsecured. Sort of paying it forward or something.

    By the way, did I see mirrors? I thought all those were removed?

    LOL I kinda think you are the one who loves that rug!!!


    About the mirrors, your eyes do not deceive you. We prioritized removing the mirrors from most of the high-traffic areas, like the living room and along the stairs, but a bunch of mirrors still remain. That first one's a picture of the master bedroom. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

    LOL, we had an ugly mirror problem like you as well, and removed them. something about old houses? did people like to look at themselves?

    i hate moving as well. though i've never moved with young kids in tow, so kudos to you and joe!

    and the rug is awesome.

  4. Have you been able to find a school for Mack? You started talking about that but never finished. Is that because the search isn't finished?

  5. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Wow, you guys have moving down pat! You should hire yourselves out as consults to people who are new to moving and need guidance. :) I'd pay for that!

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    playroom is looking good! where did you guys get those sliding organizer bins?

  7. Ikea, baby. The cause of, and solution to, all life's problems.

  8. Heidi7:52 PM

    Where did you get the sweet chairs? I heart them. Is that going to be a dining/homework table or is it just for fancy types and grown-ups?

  9. Breakfast table and chairs from It's not an eat-in kitchen but we made it into one, because it's hard to get the kids going in the morning without being right on top of them. Thanks, I love the chairs too, and they're bucket-like so they contain the kids and all their food detritus.

  10. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I used to "borrow" my internet connection from D-Link when I was still setting up my new place. *g*

  11. Andrea3:18 AM

    Oh my gosh where did you get that rug?! I've been looking for something like that forever. It's probably out of my price range, but I'm still curious.

  12. Again,, and it wasn't actually that expensive, especially considering that it is an 8 X 10 rug. I think the brand name is Dershl. It's polypropylene, not wool, so maybe not for if you're snooty about rug materials, but it's furry and very soft, and the kids are insane for it.

  13. I hope the move went well! Overstock is awesome, isn't it? Don't let anyone in to bust up that chiffarobe.

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