Saturday, April 02, 2011

we made it

A few tips on taking long trips with small children.

1.) There is no such thing as too many plastic bags.

2.) If you can find some way to impregnate their lunch with some variety of sedative-hyponotic, bully for you, because that's what I should have done.

3.) No, we are not there yet.

4.) I don't care how many difficult airways you managed to intubate under duress or how many crashing patients you managed to drag back from the brink of death--bring along a secret stash of treats for the car and produce it at the proper moment.  YOU WILL BE A HERO.

5.) Kids at play will never let you take a picture of the front of their heads, so just stop trying.


  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    vacation time!

  2. i love back view pix! are these taken with instagram? lovely.

  3. Beyond: Hipstamatic! Love that app.

  4. Nikki9:57 AM

    That last picture is GREAT!

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Michelle, please keep the tips re:motherhood coming! A first-time mom to a 2.5 month old, one tip I remembered while buying stuff for my son was "[buy] lots of rags!" - indeed, useful! I believe this is from one of your entries about baby Cal. So see, not only do you have readers, you have "listeners"! Thank you!

  6. Great tips (#2 is a favorite)! It looks like the boys are having a blast! (MELT that they are holding hands in the last picture!)

  7. That last picture is so perfect. If I managed to take one of my two boys like that (in the future, when the little one can walk) I think a large version would have a permanent place on my wall.

  8. Good point! I always bring a stash of plastic bags and never seem to have enough.

  9. I think my mom has Tip#1 so firmly ingrained in her psyche that now that the sib and I are 19 and 24, she literally has a mountain of plastic bags in the kitchen, but not very many reasons to NEED all of them anymore...