Sunday, June 19, 2011

the padres

Happy Father's Day to one of the best fathers I know.

You will also be pleased to know that Cal has ranked him very highly.

Also, totally unrelated (well, I guess kind of related)--I will be participating in a roundtable discussion tomorrow on the NPR show "Tell Me More" with Michel Martin.  The springboard for this topic will be an Op-Ed that ran in The New York Times last week (surely you've seen it), and one of my co-panelists on the show will be Dr. Karen Siebert, the author of that essay.  I'm fairly sure that the rountable itself will not be live, but I also expect it will play in the near future, and I know the show also has a podcast that I can direct you to once the segment goes up.  If you have any opinions (as I do) about the role of working parents in medicine, you probably won't want to miss this one.


  1. Oh, wow! Congratulations! We don't get that show out here in Oregon, but I'm looking forward to the podcast. You will be great.

  2. give her hell, michelle =P

    (although i'm sure you won't really, because you're all diplomatic and stuff. but i liked the rhyme.)

  3. Should be an interesting discussion. Looking forward to hearing it (if I can find a way to access it up here in the wilds of Canada....can I connect to it using my tin can and string telephone?).

  4. Good luck Michelle! As a physician and the husband of a part-time female pediatrician I am definitely on your side and will be listening!
    Michel Martin is great. I recently did a segment on Tell Me More about In Stitches. She was really gracious and even kept on the line after the interview was over to chat for a while. I have no doubt that you will do a fine job!
    Also, for those who don't have it, there are a couple options to listen. I know my local NPR station WDET carries it, and you can listen online live if you logon their website. Otherwise, it usually shows up online on

  5. Monica2:56 AM

    Love the second picture--the fistful of shirt makes the photo. And "five stars for everything" is about the best endorsement anyone can hope to get from their kid. Very cool about the NPR gig--as a pre-med student and single parent, I find Dr. Sibert's take on parenting and medicine to be, um...ridiculous. (And I suspect she'd find the fact that I'm a pre-med student and single parent ridiculous, so we're even.) I'm looking forward to hearing you represent all us aspiring future docs with families in the debate.

  6. Adrienne1:59 PM

    Please let us know when we can find the podcast online!

    I just finished my surgery rotation a few weeks ago, and Dr. Siebert was the anesthesiologist for many of our cases. I am glad the rotation concluded just before her op-ed ran... I was enjoying a post-call cup of coffee when I read it. I I read to the bottom, started gnashing my teeth, scrolled up to see who the author was, and practically threw my coffee at the screen. I hate it when doctors judge other doctors, and when women judge other women. I emailed your Psychology Today piece to my med school friends because I was too angry to come up with my own measured response.

    (Also, her name is spelled Siebert, if you care.)

  7. Oops, I've been spelling it wrong this whole time! Will correct!

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