Monday, August 01, 2011

yersinia pestis, redux

This is what I'm supposed to be working on right now: the slides for my grand rounds on perioperative antibiotics.  Only I can't do that right now, because I'm super-busy looking at listings of taxidermied squirrels on eBay.  LIKE, REALLY BUSY.

It is fabulous.

Oh, hello there.  And to you too, with the mohawk, over there in the boot.

The artist captured the look of grim determination in this squirrel riding the rabbit quite well, don't you think?  Look at the set of his little jaw.

I think this squirrel in the rocking chair is supposed to be leisurely crossing his legs, only squirrels legs don't do that, so instead it just looks like he's flashing his junk.

So you can see that while I would like to be making more slides about beta-lactam rings and the dosing schedules of fluoroquinolones, but...well, there's just so much John Rambo/squirrel hybrid fanfiction to write.

(As you were.)


  1. My husband, who is a wildlife biologist, is currently having some squirrels taxidermied... INTO ROBOTS. He is studying gray squirrels and will be doing something serious and scientific with these robots (confession: I stopped listening after SQUIRREL ROBOTS). I'm just waiting for them to make an appearance in my house, so that we can blow the cats' minds. I guess they are still "drying," though, and are not yet ready. Also: ew.

  2. Emily: YOU MUST SEND ME PICTURES. (You had me at "squirrel robots.")

  3. I will try to remember! I think maybe their tails just wave? Still, ROBOTS! Made from actual squirrels!

    I will have to show my husband those eBay squirrels. Except I'm a little bit afraid that one might end up in my house...

  4. Trying to figure out how you got from perioperative antibiotics to taxidermied squirrels. Was it anything like this?

  5. Heather: Pretty much! Oh cruel Internet, you time-eating succubus.

    (Also I was listening to the "Jordan Jessie GO!" podcast while working and therefore subconsciously reminded of Jesse Thorn's stuffed squirrel Nutsy.)

  6. Emily9:50 PM

    Woah. That is awesome.

  7. Anonymous4:49 AM

    some of them are making me laugh but ultimately they are creepy!

  8. Hahahahah...good Lord. The squirrels are nigh!

  9. PedsNP12:51 AM

    I found your blog while trying to learn more about fundoscopy. I was searching Google images and up popped a photo of Joe performing a fundsocopic exam on your dog. Of course I needed to learn more and I've been following your blog ever since.

    Also, hope to hear more about taxidermied squirrel robots. I'm imagining robot-squirrelmageddon in our future.

  10. And I for one welcome our new robot squirrel overlords.

  11. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Did anyone catch last week's episode of My Strange Addiction featuring the young lady who dumpster dived for dead animals of all sorts and packed them up in zip lock bags (hope the bags were heavy duty). She taxidermied the critters at her dining room table and stored extras in the freezer. When her friend inquired about her concern about disease she retorted that she NEVER stuffs animals with bugs!

  12. Just started reading your blog. Seriously can't remember how I got here. But read wuite a bit before I thought to comment on the posts. I love the "germ" pictures. they never look dangerous.