Saturday, February 18, 2012

rooty tooty fresh and fruity

Joe had to go to the annual meeting of the Georgia Society of Ophthalmologists all day today (which I'm sure was exactly as exciting as it sounds), so I took advantage of my relative high energy level this morning and took the kids to IHOP for breakfast, and then to the playground.

I'm not sure that Cal's ever had a Belgian waffle before, having only eaten their toaster-ready brethren. He was very impressed by its goliath proportions.

Mack and I shared a pancake combination plate, which means that he stole all my bacon and refused to eat anything else, even though I poured three kinds of syrup on the pancakes. THREE KINDS OF SYRUP!

Syrup application, in case you were wondering, is a serious business.

Hide-and-seek at the playground. You'd think from Mack's covering his face that he'd be the one counting and then seeking, but actually, he's the one hiding. Because if you cover your face, no one can see you.  Think of all the research money the armed forces could have saved if only they understood this principle!  (Cal also noted that the fact that I was standing there taking pictures of him made Mack particularly easy to find.)

My penchant for striped shirts, exposed.

I know this was just a pile of pictures, but that's basically all I got. Oh, that, and this: one more Whitney Houston tribute courtesy of Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate.

I suppose I could write more now, but I just downloaded Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" from iTunes (which includes all this "Behind the Scenes" cast commentary) and it's pretty much blowing my mind that Andrew Lincoln not only doesn't have a Southern accent in real life, but, in fact, has a British accent. It's Downton Abbey with zombies!


  1. I still can't get over that Andrew Lincoln was that dork shy guy in love with Kiera Knightley in 'Love Actually'! Mind blown.

  2. THAT WAS HIM? Holy smokes.

  3. Helixcardinal7:58 PM

    Wow, what a great demonstration of theory of mind by Mack.

  4. When I saw Andrew Lincoln on TV talking with a British accent I was like, "Wait. Is he the guy in TWD? No. Oh, heck no. It's not him. NO!" But yeah, after an IMdB search, I was right it was him. It totally blew my mind that an English man can speak with a Southern accent!

  5. LOVE Downton Abbey!

  6. Wanda6:36 AM

    Andrew Lincoln is sexual chocolate IMHO

  7. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. It makes me laugh out loud every time I read your posts (in a good way). I'm an ENT in DC and love your take on medicine and motherhood. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there! Totally love Downton Abbey, too!

  8. Mmmm.... I am a regular at The Church of IHOP. A good start to what appears to have been a busy day with the kids.

  9. I had breakfast at IHOP in Roswell this morning. Love the place, and love Downton Abbey. I found out this morning that IHOP will be serving FREE pancakes on February 28 and requests that you make a tax deductible contribution to the Make a Wish foundation. I eat gluten free and very low carb, so it's not helping me. But it's a great fundraiser and it would be nice if it were well attended.

  10. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Hands over eyes = invisability. I am gonna have to use this trick when I deploy to bagram.

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  12. Anonymous2:39 AM

    What is happening with the family behind Cal in the first photo?! Looks like a rough morning for them.

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